Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Backyard Makeover: Phase 1

We bought our house back in October 2015 and a two weeks after moving in we threw the girls a joint birthday party, we had to throw the party out front because our backyard was a mess!! A mess as in a little bit of concrete followed by tall weeds (left behind by the previous owners) throughout the whole backyard, a hot tub drained with gross water in it. 

After we got all settled we had the yard maintained but it was pretty much just dirt and dead weeds in the back, it wasn't a place the girls wanted to go play in.  I felt bad that the girls didn't have a space to run, explore and play in, so I knew we needed to get an idea going for this backyard of ours.  In March we took measurements and set up a game plan of how we wanted the backyard to be, we went back and forth on whether or not to put in a spool (pool/spa in one).

We started Phase 1 on April 5th, the girls were more than excited to jump on the tractor with daddy and help him rip out the ugly stamped pinkish concrete that was back there.  It was pretty ugly, if I do say so.  I'm pretty happy to see it in a big ruble pile in our backyard.  Ya know what's kind a funny, since moving in in October the girls have never gone out back to play but in the 3 days since starting this makeover they've been out there helping and climbing the concrete tower.  Our goal is to have new concrete poured, grass put in, an arbor built and a sand box put in.  We are removing the shed in the back.

I cant wait to go pick out some plants, bushes & flowers to put back here.  To get some outdoor furniture and decorate back here.  Were gonna also cut a wine barrel in half and plants herbs in one and then make a fairy garden in the other one for the girls.  We plan to revamp the girls plastic doll house and give it a little makeover as well and and buy a wooden swing set.  Cant wait to show ya'll when it's done!


Monday, July 25, 2016

JORD Wood Watch Review & Giveaway

I was recently contacted by JORD Watch to review one of there amazing wood watches.  Wood you say, yes a wood watch.  When I first went to there site and checked out there watches I thought how cool, I've never seen a wood watch before.  I love watches and of course had to jump at the chance to review one of these watches. 
I chose the Zebrawood & Maple one, I loved the mix of light and dark colors and that it would match with pretty much all of my wardrobe. The watch showed up at my front door really fast, which is nice especially when your waiting for a package for yourself instead of your kiddos.  Am I right?!  The packaging was so cool, it showed up in a wood box with a sliding lid, I mean cool right?  I slid the lid off and removed the bubble wrap covering the watch and there it was, the watch was more beautiful in person.  I came on a fluffy pillow as my girls called it.  I love that I came with a cleaning cloth because as a mom with little ones we all know they are going to touch it and get there little fingerprints on it.  The clasp on the bottom is metal and its super easy to open and close, I love that when you close the clasp you cant see the metal, its wood all the way around. 
A few fun little details about this watch, the glass is scratch resistant, it comes in 2 wood colors (zebrawood - like mine or maple) and they can customize the fit before sending it to you.  The care for this watch is pretty easy, you can use lemon or orange oil extract for cleaning the wood.  Also when you store your watch you'll want to avoid hot, cold and excessively dry/humid environments.  Also one more awesome thing, you get a 1 year warranty, see awesome right?  The price of this watch wasn't bad at all, as a mom with 3 little girls who's on a budget I would totally buy on for a gift for a family member or my husband.  The prices can range from $100-300.

So in the end I would totally recommend one of these amazing watches.  I have loved all the compliments I've received while wearing this watch.  I love how light weight it is, the colors are amazing and its just an all around great product.
* I was sent this watch in exchange for my opinion, all opinions were my own

JORD Wooden Watches

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Friday, July 22, 2016

The Struggle Is Real!

Motherhood is a struggle everyday, I know all the moms out there would agree with me.  As a mom to 3 young girls I find myself struggling with trying to balance everything.  Am I spending enough time with each of them, am I yelling to much, am I telling them NO to often, are they going to think I'm the bad guy cause I'm the one to discipline them, are they going to remember all the fun times we have.  I mean it's hard. 
With summer break here I've have found it a little harder to be the yes mom I want to be.  I feel like I'm always telling them "no fighting" "no hitting" "no talking back" "no we cant go here" "no were not going out to dinner again"  We have had a lot of fun this summer don't get me wrong but most days I feel like all I do is shout at them to be good.  I try to get them to play legos, color, ride bikes but in doing that they always seem to find a way to argue with each other and then it makes me loose my cool.  I try not to lose my cool with them, I try and talk nicely to them but they usually don't listen unless I yell to get there attention!  I hate being that type of parent, I don't want to be the parent that always yells to get there attention or threaten them with time out. 

I would love to be the "cool" mom for once, you know like daddy is.  I try not to compare myself to other moms but it's hard, I've come to realize that not every household is perfect, that other moms have this same problem.  Being the best mom I can be is all I strive for.  I just want them to know they can always come to be for anything, I want a relationship with them like I have with my mom. 
I struggle with my girls getting older, I want them to stay little and safe for as long as possible.  I don't want them to ever get there heart broken by a boy.  Or be bullied in school and I hope and pray we raise them to not bully others.  I want them to always use there manors, be the best they can be & just enjoy life.  I want them to always have a bond that can never be broken, to always be best friends and to always have each others back.
ok my rant is over!  hopefully I didn't scare you away!
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Wednesday, July 6, 2016

She's The Real Boss

As a parent we all know that were The Boss, but are we really? Or our toddlers are The Real Boss!  I mean am I right or am I right?! 

This little lady is definitely the real boss in our house or she likes to think so.  I will say that almost always sweet face is really hard to say NO to.  Could you say no to her?  I dare you to try, you wont be able to.  I mean seriously this girl knows how to work it for things that she wants, all she has to do is talk in her sweet voice, stick out her pouty lips and bat those lashes and she's got us eating out of the palm of her hand!  I've tried many times to not let it phase me and stay strong but man it's so hard, she's just so damn cute!  I will say out of all 3 girls she's the only one who works it best at what she wants.  She's got us pretty wrapped.

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Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Spring Fever

When April rolls around and the pretty flowers start to bloom all you think about is Spring (and allergies).  All the pretty colorful flowers start to blooms, the smell of jasmine and the pretty green grass.

We like to go to grandma's house and wander around her lush greener and sit by the pond to watch the fish & turtles.  Spring also brings the warm weather, at least it has here in CA but then out of no where it can also bring the rain and a lot of it.  Although the girls love the warm weather, fresh bloomed pretty flowers and the lush greener at grandma's, the one thing that they don't like are those darn allergies that come with spring time.  But we'll take out allergy meds and be outside enjoying the beautiful spring fever.

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