Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Backyard Makeover: Phase 1

We bought our house back in October 2015 and a two weeks after moving in we threw the girls a joint birthday party, we had to throw the party out front because our backyard was a mess!! A mess as in a little bit of concrete followed by tall weeds (left behind by the previous owners) throughout the whole backyard, a hot tub drained with gross water in it. 

After we got all settled we had the yard maintained but it was pretty much just dirt and dead weeds in the back, it wasn't a place the girls wanted to go play in.  I felt bad that the girls didn't have a space to run, explore and play in, so I knew we needed to get an idea going for this backyard of ours.  In March we took measurements and set up a game plan of how we wanted the backyard to be, we went back and forth on whether or not to put in a spool (pool/spa in one).

We started Phase 1 on April 5th, the girls were more than excited to jump on the tractor with daddy and help him rip out the ugly stamped pinkish concrete that was back there.  It was pretty ugly, if I do say so.  I'm pretty happy to see it in a big ruble pile in our backyard.  Ya know what's kind a funny, since moving in in October the girls have never gone out back to play but in the 3 days since starting this makeover they've been out there helping and climbing the concrete tower.  Our goal is to have new concrete poured, grass put in, an arbor built and a sand box put in.  We are removing the shed in the back.

I cant wait to go pick out some plants, bushes & flowers to put back here.  To get some outdoor furniture and decorate back here.  Were gonna also cut a wine barrel in half and plants herbs in one and then make a fairy garden in the other one for the girls.  We plan to revamp the girls plastic doll house and give it a little makeover as well and and buy a wooden swing set.  Cant wait to show ya'll when it's done!



  1. Wow, it sounds like a lot of work but you guys got the right idea! I can't wait to see it come together, so exciting.

  2. So exciting, but lot of work! It will all pay off, when you are sitting back there with a glass of wine on your hand watching the girls play!