Wednesday, July 6, 2016

She's The Real Boss

As a parent we all know that were The Boss, but are we really? Or our toddlers are The Real Boss!  I mean am I right or am I right?! 

This little lady is definitely the real boss in our house or she likes to think so.  I will say that almost always sweet face is really hard to say NO to.  Could you say no to her?  I dare you to try, you wont be able to.  I mean seriously this girl knows how to work it for things that she wants, all she has to do is talk in her sweet voice, stick out her pouty lips and bat those lashes and she's got us eating out of the palm of her hand!  I've tried many times to not let it phase me and stay strong but man it's so hard, she's just so damn cute!  I will say out of all 3 girls she's the only one who works it best at what she wants.  She's got us pretty wrapped.

If you love twining with your mini like I do, then head over to Ciao Co and snag one for you and your mini.  The shirts are super soft and you'll never wanna take them off.  I may have worn this shirt for 2 days straight, but shh don't tell anyone (oh I guess I just did)  They also come in 3 different colors...purple, black & grey.


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  1. Those shirts are ADORABLE! But, yes, toddlers are definitely the boss!