Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Spring Fever

When April rolls around and the pretty flowers start to bloom all you think about is Spring (and allergies).  All the pretty colorful flowers start to blooms, the smell of jasmine and the pretty green grass.

We like to go to grandma's house and wander around her lush greener and sit by the pond to watch the fish & turtles.  Spring also brings the warm weather, at least it has here in CA but then out of no where it can also bring the rain and a lot of it.  Although the girls love the warm weather, fresh bloomed pretty flowers and the lush greener at grandma's, the one thing that they don't like are those darn allergies that come with spring time.  But we'll take out allergy meds and be outside enjoying the beautiful spring fever.

Outfit Details:
Bow: @girlybowtiquedotcom / Girly Bowtique Dot Com
Shirt: @thomasandrose / Thomas & Rose
Shorts: @taylorjoelledesigns / Taylor Joelle Designs

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