Monday, June 27, 2016

Nuby Parent Blogger Review: Section Plates & Gator Grip Pop Up Sipper

As a parent getting your kids to eat can be a hassle.  But with these Nuby USA products is makes eating for the kiddos fun.  Kendall loves that her food can be separated into each little cut out.  These wash or toss square section plates are perfect for snacks, meals, parties, picnics and just about anything.
These came in a pack of 4 and there were 2 red and 2 yellow, Kendall loved the bright colors and mom loved that there BPA FREE!  I love that they are sturdy enough for Kendall to carry herself without spilling her food on the floor, cause she's big now and has to do everything her big sisters do and that includes taking her own plate to the table. 
I love that these plates can go in microwave and I love that they can go in the dishwasher.  I mean who wants to spend extra time washing dishes, I know this mama doesn't!  Once there done in the dishwasher they save you space in the cabinet by stacking nicely on top of each other, winning! You can buy this product at Buy Baby Direct under the solid feeding section.
Kendall is now big enough to drink out of a cup but since my girls like to play around the table while there eating that tends to lead to spills and messes.  So this Gator Grip Pop-Up Sipper is amazing.  She's been using it during lunch time and when we go to the park after picking up big sister from school.  It holds up to 15oz of fluid (which keeps her hydrated while running around at the park), the spout pops up and is really easy for her to pop up on her own, its free flowing and who doesn't love the bright colors (6 colors to be exact).  It's perfect for on the go.  Love that it has the grip on it so it doesn't slip out of her hands.  Gotta love that its BPA FREE. You can find these cups at Buy Baby Direct / Amazon / / Target / Tj Maxx / Sears


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