Thursday, September 25, 2014

Our family road trip to CA and back

This road trip wasn't a planned trip.
We didn't sit down and make lists of things we would need.
Jason got a call that no family ever wants to get, his great grandma passed away after being involved in a car accident.
Instead of flying we decided to drive and make a trip out of it.
I know your thinking were totally insane for traveling from TX to CA in a car with 3 small kids.
But it wasn't as bad as you would think, the girls did a good job.

We left early Friday morning at 6:45am.
We made the usually potty, fuel and lunch breaks before stopping in Phoenix for the night.
The girls slept great in the trailer, mom & dad on the other hand not as well.
The girls were up bright and early the next morning, we had breakfast and loaded up in the car and made our way to Pismo Beach.  We spent the night in Pismo and took our new razor out for some fun.  The girls loved it!

We left Pismo and headed to Jason's moms house.
When we arrived at grandma's the girls and grandma were so excited to be reunited!
The next few days were hard as we said good bye to the sweetest, most hard working woman who lit up a room.  I am so thankful that the girls were able to grow up and love this amazing woman.  I am so honored that I got to know her for the past 12 years.

Once the funeral stuff was over the next morning we headed up to the mountains to hang out with Jason's dad.  The girls always have a good time when we go up there.  They decided to collect a whole garbage bag full of pine cones and bring them home.  Were gonna decorate them and put them around the house.

We were going to leave on Thursday morning but decided to stay a little longer and go visit with Jason's grandma and grandpa since we didn't get to spend much time with them.  Where his grandparents live is so peaceful.  The girls enjoyed playing and swimming.  After eating lunch we headed down to the ranch to visit the new baby horse and the baby cows, we even got to see a baby cow that had been born that day (it was only hours old)  We had a great time.


We had a great time in CA but left and made our way to CO to go visit my parents.
I will say that going through UT was amazing, the scenery and views were beautiful.

We made it to CO late Saturday night around 9:30 and my mom hadn't told my little brother that we were coming, we wanted to surprise him.  And boy was he surprised to see us.  It was so cute to see the look on his face when we opened his bedroom door and he saw all of us.  The kiddos played and since they were all so excited we all didn't get to bed until midnight.

The next day mom cooked us an awesome breakfast...waffles, bacon, eggs and cantaloupe.  We then all took showers and got ready and headed to the mall.  If you are ever in Castle Rock you need to go check out there mall, it is HUGE and so NICE.  We had lunch and walked around the mall before heading back to moms to hang out.  Mom made an awesome dinner and we hung out for a little bit longer before loading up and saying our good bye's.  We drove about 3 hours before stopping for the night.  We woke up the next morning and made the 12 hour drive home!  All in all it was a great trip filled with lots of memories.  We were gone 11 days, drove 4400 miles and had a blast.  And in 59 days we'll do it all over again when we head back to CA for the wedding!


Thursday, September 11, 2014

Shop Feature: Ahoy Amigo {1 shirt, styled two ways}

Ahoy Amigo is a shop I started following on instagram.
Instagram has really become my go to place for shopping for my girls.
There is every type of shop on there from tees, leggings, hair bows, rompers, fancy dresses, its like a one stop shopping place.  Its the best of both worlds.
Stacie from Ahoy Amigo was nice enough to send us this adorable and yet fitting raglan for Kendall and I cant explain how perfect this tee is for her.  From the moment she comes walking into my bedroom each morning she is asking for food, after eating breakfast she is asking for food, after nap time it's "mommy I eat" and we do this same routine with her everyday.  So when I opened the packaging and saw this shirt, I immediately fell in love cause it fit Kendall's personality to a tee!

 These raglans are perfect for coming into the fall weather.  The fall weather hasn't reached us here in Texas yet but we roll the sleeves up and it becomes the perfect tee for the warmer weather.  Kendall is wearing the 18-24 month and its a little big but that's ok cause I know it will work well into fall and winter and maybe into next spring as long as she doesn't take a massive growth spurt.
I love how versatile this shirt is, it can be dressed up with a cute corduroy skirt and boots or you can pair with leggings, a super cute pair of moccs, a hat and nerdy glasses.  I love that both looks are completely different but still so stinkin cute!

 So run don't walk and check out this awesome shop.
Stacie is the sweet lady behind this adorable and very stylish brand, she find inspiration from her kids.  All her tees are on American Apparel and they are the softest and are great for warm or cool weather.  So seriously go check out her shop and buy some super cute stuff!


Thank you Stacie for sending us this shirt to review, it fits Kendall and her personality to a tee!
 (all opinions are my own)



Friday, September 5, 2014

Shop Feature: Shelby Chic Boutique {Headbands}

I thought it would be fun to do a little shop feature series on some of the amazing shops that we are brand reps or models for.  All these shops are amazing and have great, fun pieces.

First up on my shop feature series is Shelby Chic Boutique this was the first shop that we started modeling for.  Veronica contacted me on instagram asking if Kendall would model for her.  I of course said yes.  After receiving our first package from her I was in love.  The quality of these headbands are amazing, she really puts all her effort into each headband she makes.  I love that she cuts and makes all her headbands herself.  She is a mom of 4 and is the sweetest person.  The prints she has are so different than other headband shops and that's what I love.  Our Shelby Chic Collection is growing and I love it, we have more than 20 of her headbands.

Go check out her shop and get some of her amazing headbands for your little one, for a friend or family member.  You wont be disappointed, I promise.  She is also expanding a little and creating more awesomeness!  She also has leg warmers and awesome stuff for brides and the bridal party.  Seriously go check her out!  She makes sizes newborn to adult.

Veronica is the master mind behind this awesome shop, she just added a new section where you can pick what color sparkle bow you want and the type of headband you want it on.  I mean how awesome is that?!  If I could and Jason wouldn't kill me I would buy one of everything from her, she is just that amazing!

I just noticed after scrolling through these pictures you can see how much Kendall has grown and changed in the last couple months.