Thursday, September 4, 2014

Fashion Post: Halloween Love

September calls for all the fall décor to start coming out and to start gearing up for Halloween.  Halloween is right around the corner and here are the Jess House 3 little girls are still trying to decide what they want to be.  I kinda want them to coordinate in some way, but I have a feeling that may not happen.  I was thinking funky, colorful, over the top cute girly clowns.  When I first mentioned clowns to the girls the older ones both yelled NO, but then I showed them what I was talking about and they came around, so I'm gonna work on them a little more and see if I can get them to love the cute girly clown idea.  I mean come on, how stinkin cute are these!?

On top of Halloween costumes, people love to put there kids in adorable Halloween attire as well.  October is all about wearing as many Halloween outfits as possible.  And what better way to jazz up an outfit than to add a little necklace and matching bracelet.  The Glitter Revival sent us this amazing Halloween necklace with matching bracelet and I am beyond in love with it, it totally screams Halloween.  It would also be perfect to wear to Disneyland at Halloween time. 

You totally need to check out Amy's shop, she makes the cutest necklaces for your little ladies and she also makes simple statement necklaces for your littles or adults.  Keira was so excited to rock her Halloween necklace and bracelet.  So I did a little fall set up in the backyard and we had some fun.  Y'all need to go follow her on instagram and then go snag some adorable goodies, remember Christmas is coming up and these would make a great gift for any little fashionista.

 Here are some of our favorites!



  1. Would you mind sharing if the bow & headband were also purchased at this shop? Your little ones are so cute. Such adorable little models.