Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Home Tour: the girls playroom

We have been in our brand new house for almost a month.  I knew the playroom was going to be my first area to get organized and decorate.  I wanted there playroom to be fun, have pops of color and to have a really cool accent wall. 

I knew that I wanted a cool accent wall and I knew that I wanted it be different than just painting the wall a certain color.  Urban Walls Decals was awesome and sent us these mini triangles.  I love how a simple little triangle sticker can add such a bang to the room.  Applying these to the wall was so easy and if I didn't put one in the right spot where I wanted it, it was easy enough to take off and reapply.  If your looking to add a little something to a room, go visit Urban Walls Decals and pick out something cool, they have a lot of different options to choose from.

This room was so much fun to decorate and there is a few little things to be added but for the most part the room is done.  We plan to glue the train tracks to the train table and under where it says PLAY & READ we will be adding spice racks from ikea as book shelves.  I love how this room turned out and the girls love it too.

* Brown faux leather chairs: Amazon
* Orange chevron rug: WalMart
* Mini Triangles: Urban Wall Decals
* Train Table: Toys R Us
* PLAY, FUN, READ letters: Joanns Fabric
* White organizer: Lowe's
* Green & purple bins: WalMart
* Wooden Train & Wooden Stacking: Melissa & Doug Carter's
* Mermaids: little shop in Monterey
* Wooden rocking chair: Jason's when he was little


  1. Their playroom looks super cute! You did a really good job with it =)