Monday, September 30, 2013

Weekend Recap

FRIDAY (9.27.13)
It started out like any other day, wake up, get up, eat breakfast and get Kaylee ready for school.  We all load into the car and drop Kaylee off.  When we come back home Kendall goes down for a nap and Keira will play independently or we will read books together.  We pick up Kaylee at 11:45 and come back and eat lunch, when the girls are done with lunch all 3 girls go down for a nap.  This is when I eat lunch and I do all my chores for the day.  Kaylee wakes up first and she will usually eat a snack and watch some cartoons while she wait for Keira to wake up.  Keira and Kendall woke up at the same time and we all headed outside to play.  Grandma then arrived around 5:15 to take Kaylee to spend the night at the house.  Once Kaylee left we loaded the girls up and headed to Modesto Hospital to visit our friends in there (they were being induced).




 SATURDAY (9.28.13)
While we waited for Kaylee we got all our stuff together cause once Kaylee arrived home we were heading out to go camping!  The girls were so excited cause we were taking a couch RV.  The girls kept calling it a bus.  We wanted to take them camping for the night to test out how they did, we have a big camping trip coming up in November where we will be staying in the RV for 4 days.

The girls did great on the drive to Salt Springs.  We made it to our destination and got things all set up while we waited for some friends to meet us there.  The boys were going to ride jetskies and the girls would hang out and play in the water.  The water was really cold so the girls didn't play in it much.  Keira some how got stung by a bee in her pinky toe.

The girls were over it so we headed back to the RV to play for a little while before deciding where we were going to go and camp.  We were going to camp there but it didn't really work out.  The pictures on the website didn't look anything like it actually did.  There wasn't anything for the girls to do and our friends that had met us there were leaving. 

We left with our friends to go get dinner and the place we were going to go was having some big event so we didn't end up going there and that's when we went our separate ways cause our friends had other plans.  So we drove to Stockton pulled over in a grocery shopping center and made dinner.  We then called Jason's mom and asked if we could just stay in the RV there.  The main reason for staying in the RV was to see how the girls would do.  Kaylee fell asleep on the way from Stockton to Tracy on the couch, so once we got to grandmas we set up Keira on the other couch and the baby in her pack n play.  The big girls did awesome, Kendall woke up 3 times.  All in all it was fun and the girls thought the "bus" was awesome.

SUNDAY (9.29.13)
Jason's mom made us breakfast and we got to see Kaylee's new bike. We also got to watch a hot air balloon fly over their house, which the girls thought was pretty cool.  We then loaded up and headed home.  We spent the rest of the day relaxing.  We went grocery shopping and daddy hung a tire swing in the front yard for the girls.  They were surprised after nap time to see it.

Friday, September 27, 2013

Kendall is 11 months old

Kendall Morgan,
Sweet girl it is so hard to put into words the love I have for you.  We've reached the final countdown and I still cant believe it! 30 days till you turn ONE!  I mean how can this be?!  This has been the fastest year of my life, I've loved every single minute with you.  I love your bright personality and that smile that it ALWAYS plastered on your face.  Sweet girl you are on the go, if your not taking a nap you are crawling all over the house and trying to eat any little thing you find on the floor! BooBoo I still cant believe we're here already at your eleventh month.  You have just grown way to fast.

SLEEPING: It's been a little hit or miss this month.  Some nights you'll go to sleep with no problems and then other nights your a little stinker.  Now that you can pull yourself up I find that I have to go in and lay you down a few times before you final settle for the night.  You let me know when your awake cause you bang on the wall.  What I love most is that you will just sit on the couch with me and snuggle, your sisters at this age never did that.

EATING:  Oh man, you are a LOVER of food.  You will eat just about anything you get your hands on.  Including dirt and leaves!  Your still eating pureed baby food here and there but for the most part you are eating people food.  Some of your favorite foods are rice, salmon, chicken, spaghetti, green beans, French fries & puffs.  Each morning you drink your 8oz bottle and then your make your way for your sister's in their chairs and try and get there breakfast, which you succeed at doing most mornings.

Weight: 18lbs
Height: 30"
Clothes: 12 months
Diaper: size 3
Shoes: size 3 (on the rare occasion she wears shoes)
Hair: brown
Eyes: dark blue

PERSONALITY: you are the funniest little girl, you have a way or making mommy laugh even when I'm in a bad mood (kinda like your daddy can).  You will go to just about anyone and let them hold you but only for a few minutes before wanting your mommy back.  You love to laugh and you are seriously that happiest baby I've ever met.  You are so laid back and just go with the flow.  I hear all the time how good you are and no one ever hears a peep out of you and that you always have a smile on your face, which you do.

* giving mommy hugs & kisses (slobbery ones)
* playing with the doll house in Keira's room
* looking at the fish in the fish tank
* swinging outside
* dancing
* babbling

* diaper changes
* not sharing your food with her

* started pulling yourself up at 10 months
* started crawling at 10 months
* eating more people food
* walking around the furniture
* can turn pages in books
* finally said MAMA at 10 months (9.13.14)
* waves hi & bye
* can blow kisses

* her lovey
* crawling all over

* she loves to give her babies hugs and kisses
* had her first taste of apple juice (2oz)
* 5th tooth came through on top (9.9.13)
* you can pull yourself up and walk along stuff
* you put everything in your mouth
* you ate your first grilled cheese and loved it! (9.13.14)
* you are so ticklish (you are most ticklish in your armpits and under your neck)




Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Kaylee's school fashion: week 3 & 4

Week 3 was a short school week for Kaylee
She attended school on Monday & Tuesday.
Wednesday through Friday she came down with a fever and wasn't feeling good.
So we decided to keep her home and let her rest up.

Day 10: Target Romper
              WalMart shoes
Day 11: WalMart stripped dress

* * * * * * *

Week 4
She was feeling back to her normal self by Saturday and was excited to get back to school.
She had a great week and this whole week she was practicing her smile (school pictures were next week)  For school pictures we buy the smallest package just in case she has a goofy smile or her hair is messed up or something.  Last year she surprised and her school picture was adorable, so I hope this years picture is just as cute.

Day 15: Teal stripped tunic - Carter's & Bootcut jeans - Target
Day 16: White shirt & Heart skinny jeans - Target (love this outfit!)
Day 17: Neon stripped shirt - WalMart & Skinny jeans - Kohls
Day 18: Fish dress - Macy's & leggings and white shirt - WalMart
Day 19: Teal lace shirt - Old Navy & Grey skinny jeans - Target

I cant wait to put these pictures all together at the end of the year to see how much she's grown and changed.  So FUN!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Baby girl clothes for sale - Newborn - 12 months & accessories

Since we are done having kiddos as Kendall is growing out of her clothes I will be selling them.
I have so many clothes and some accessories.

If you see something you like, it's first come first serve
Tell me what size its under and what number you want and leave a zip code so I can figure out shipping price
I will then send you an invoice through pay pal
You will have 24 hours to pay your invoice, once your invoice is paid I will ship it out.

#1 - Carter's white onesie ($1.00 + shipping)
       Faded Glory black silly monkey onesie ($1.00 + shipping)

#2 - Circo polka dot onesie with matching pants ($3.00 + shipping)

#3 - Carter's brown & purple plaid outfit ($4.00 + shipping)

#4 - Pink butterfly precious first pajamas ($2.00 + shipping)
       Elephant precious first pajamas ($2.00 + shipping)
       Navy blue with pink flowers little wonders pajamas ($2.00 + shipping)

#1 - Dark wash jeans Old Navy ($4.00 + shipping)
       Medium wash jeans Baby Gap ($4.00 + shipping)

#2 - 2 pack Circo onesies: white with polka dots & white with silver bows ($3.00 + shipping)

#3 - Sweats
       Dark pink fleece Carter's pants ($2.00 + shipping)
       Black fleece Faded Glory sweats ($2.00 + shipping)
       Light pink cotton Garanimals sweats ($2.00 + shipping)

#4 - Black fleece jacket Garanimals (2.00 + shipping)

#5 - 2 pack Carter's gowns: white & pink/white stripped with elephants ($4.00 + shipping)

#6 - Taupe polka dot monkey onepiece: Carter's ($4.00 + shipping)

#7 - Faded Glory Christmas outfit ($2.00 + shipping)

#8 - 3 pack Circo onesies ($5.00 + shipping)

#9 - Jammies
       Little wonders stripped pajamas ($2.00 + shipping)
       Faded Glory pajamas ($2.00 + shipping)

#10 - Onesies
         Faded Glory short sleeve heart onesie ($1.00 + shipping)
         Circo long sleeve stripped onesie ($1.00 + shipping)

#1 - 2 piece Piper & Posie purple bow shirt & stripped pants ($4.00 + shipping )

#2 - 3 piece Carter's cupcake outfit ($5.00 + shipping)

#3 - Carter's heart cotton pants ($2.00 + shipping)

#4 - 2 piece Carter's "my auntie says I'm super cute" owl outfit ($4.00 + shipping)

#5 - 2 piece Carter's "daddy loves me" outfit ($4.00 + shipping)

#6 - 3 piece Carter's blue polka dot shirt, yellow flower onesie & grey leggings ($5.00 + shipping)

#7 - Long Sleeve Onesies
       Carter's pink Little Sister ($2.00 + shipping)
       Circo white star ($2.00 + shipping)
       Circo grey hearts & shapes ($2.00 + shipping)
       Circo teal apple ($2.00 + shipping)
       Circo grey star ($2.00 + shipping)

#8 - Chaps white eyelet top ($2.00 + shipping)

#9 - Short Sleeve onesie
        Carter's pink "I'm all about daddy" ($2.00 + shipping)
        Carter's yellow cupcake ($2.00 + shipping)
        Carter's navy elephant ($2.00 + shipping)
        Carter's pink & white stripped "sweet like mommy" ($2.00 + shipping)

#10 - Jeans (Left to right)
         Carter's Dark wash skinny jeggins ($3.00 + shipping)
         Circo bootcut ($4.00 + shipping)
         Osh Kosh boot cut ($4.00 + shipping)

#11 - Jammies
         Carter's red fleece Christmas pajamas ($2.00 + shipping)
         Carter's white cotton monkey pajamas ($2.00 + shipping)
         Carter's pink polka dot monkey pajamas ($2.00 + shipping)
         Carter's purple & white stripped "Little Sister" pajamas ($2.00 + shipping)

#1 - Old Navy light blue polka dot fleece jacket ($4.00 + shipping)

#2 - Onesie
       Circo light pink short sleeve strawberry ($1.00 + shipping)
       Faded Glory light pink long sleeve polka dot ($1.00 + shipping)

#3 - Red & white gingham bubble shorts ($2.00 + shipping)

#4 - Pajamas
       Carter's cotton light purple elephant ($2.00 + shipping)
       Faded Glory cotton white polka dot frog ($2.00 + shipping)
       Faded Glory cotton white and pink cupcake ($2.00 + shipping)
       Circo cotton owl ($2.00 + shipping)
       Children's Place cotton heart ($2.00 + shipping)

#5 - Gymboree dog long sleeve shirt & bootcut jeans ($6.00 + shipping) Never been worn

#6 - 4 pack Gerber onesies ($3.00 + shipping)

#7 - Rare editions (Macy's) butterfly long sleeve shirt with ruffle pants ($5.00 + shipping)


#1 - Carter's green flower shirt ($2.00 + shipping)

#2 - Carter's cotton shorts ($2.00 + shipping)

#3 - Pajamas
       Carter's fleece white polka dot monkey ($2.00 + shipping)
       Carter's cotton ducky ($2.00 + shipping)

#4 - Long sleeve shirts
       Circo black long sleeve horse ($2.00 + shipping)
       Carter's green long sleeve ladybug ($2.00 + shipping)

#5 - Tanks
        Carter's Navy embroidered ($2.00 + shipping)
        Carter's lime green ladybug ($2.00 + shipping)

#6 - Carter's long sleeve "my uncle rocks" onesie with skinny jeggins ($4.00 + shipping)

#7 - Leggings
       Carter's black capri's ($2.00 + shipping)
       Circo cotton green & white stripped ($2.00 + shipping)
       Circo cotton light blue with brown polka dots ($2.00 + shipping)

#8 - Carter's leopard bubble romper ($4.00 + shipping)

#9 - Circo cotton blue bicycle onesie ($1.00 + shipping)

#10 - Carter's blue & white flower dress ($3.00 + shipping)

#11 - Carter's polka dot tank & purple capri outfit ($4.00 + shipping)

#12 - Carter's blue & white stripped shirt & white shorts outfit ($4.00 + shipping)

#13 - Rabbit Skins colored onesies ($2.00 each + shipping)

#14 - Carter's purple & lime zebra outfit ($4.00 + shipping)


#1 - Short sleeve onesie
       Faded Glory black "this is my little black dress" ($2.00 + shipping)
       Circo white flower ($2.00 + shipping)

#2 - Pink & white plaid bubble shorts ($2.00 + shipping)

#3 - Carter's 2 piece purple & orange outfit ($3.00 + shipping)

#4 - Children's Place blue with flowers shirt ($3.00 + shipping)

#5 - Children's Place denim romper ($5.00 + shipping) only worn once

#6 - Children's Place denim dress ($4.00 + shipping)

#7 - Long sleeve shirts
       Old Navy beige "I heart dad" ($3.00 + shipping)
       Old Navy grey "As bright as they come" ($3.00 + shipping)
       Old Navy green flower ($3.00 + shipping)
       Old Navy teal flower ($3.00 + shipping)
       Children's Place red "99% angel" ($3.00 + shipping)
       Children's Place light pink heart shirt ($3.00 + shipping)

#8 - Carter's orange flower top with pink polka dot pants ($4.00 + shipping)

#9 - Pajamas
       Carter's fleece white polka dot money ($2.00 + shipping)
       Faded Glory flower ($2.00 + shipping)
       Faded Glory colorful flower ($2.00 + shipping)
       Children's Place rabbit & elephant ($2.00 + shipping)


#1 - Carter's fleece pink sweats ($2.00 + shipping)

#2 - Carter's black cropped sweater ($2.00 + shipping)

#3 - Children's Place blue & pink zebra shorts ($2.00 each + shipping)

#4 - Carter's red polka dot & stripped outfit ($3.00 + shipping)

#5 - Op white with pink & lime hearts bathing suit ($2.00 + shipping) (9-12months)


#1 - Leggings
       Circo capri mini flower ($2.00 + shipping)
       Xhilaration black & white stripped capri ($2.00 + shipping)
       Garanimals lime capri ($2.00 + shipping)

#2 - Jumping Bean colorful skirt ($2.00 + shipping)

#3 - Carter's sunflower bubble romper ($3.00 + shipping)

#4 - Carter's tunic top ($3.00 + shipping)

#5 - Gerber pink money pajamas ($1.00 + shipping)


#1 - Swaddlers (left & middle: size SM/MED & far right: LG) ($3.00 each + shipping)

#2 - Infant seat insert ($3.00 + shipping)

#3 - Boppy ($10.00 + shipping)

#4 - Hats
       Children's Place purple hat ($4.00 + shipping) (0-6 months)
       Black crochet hat ($2.00 + shipping)
       Circo white sun hat ($2.00 + shipping) (onesie)

#5 - Mini bows & flowers (1.00 each + shipping)

#6 - Infant headbands ($1.00 each + shipping)

#7 - Target brand legwarmers ($2.00 each + shipping)

#8 - Black infant dress shoes ($2.00 + shipping) never worn