Monday, September 30, 2013

Weekend Recap

FRIDAY (9.27.13)
It started out like any other day, wake up, get up, eat breakfast and get Kaylee ready for school.  We all load into the car and drop Kaylee off.  When we come back home Kendall goes down for a nap and Keira will play independently or we will read books together.  We pick up Kaylee at 11:45 and come back and eat lunch, when the girls are done with lunch all 3 girls go down for a nap.  This is when I eat lunch and I do all my chores for the day.  Kaylee wakes up first and she will usually eat a snack and watch some cartoons while she wait for Keira to wake up.  Keira and Kendall woke up at the same time and we all headed outside to play.  Grandma then arrived around 5:15 to take Kaylee to spend the night at the house.  Once Kaylee left we loaded the girls up and headed to Modesto Hospital to visit our friends in there (they were being induced).




 SATURDAY (9.28.13)
While we waited for Kaylee we got all our stuff together cause once Kaylee arrived home we were heading out to go camping!  The girls were so excited cause we were taking a couch RV.  The girls kept calling it a bus.  We wanted to take them camping for the night to test out how they did, we have a big camping trip coming up in November where we will be staying in the RV for 4 days.

The girls did great on the drive to Salt Springs.  We made it to our destination and got things all set up while we waited for some friends to meet us there.  The boys were going to ride jetskies and the girls would hang out and play in the water.  The water was really cold so the girls didn't play in it much.  Keira some how got stung by a bee in her pinky toe.

The girls were over it so we headed back to the RV to play for a little while before deciding where we were going to go and camp.  We were going to camp there but it didn't really work out.  The pictures on the website didn't look anything like it actually did.  There wasn't anything for the girls to do and our friends that had met us there were leaving. 

We left with our friends to go get dinner and the place we were going to go was having some big event so we didn't end up going there and that's when we went our separate ways cause our friends had other plans.  So we drove to Stockton pulled over in a grocery shopping center and made dinner.  We then called Jason's mom and asked if we could just stay in the RV there.  The main reason for staying in the RV was to see how the girls would do.  Kaylee fell asleep on the way from Stockton to Tracy on the couch, so once we got to grandmas we set up Keira on the other couch and the baby in her pack n play.  The big girls did awesome, Kendall woke up 3 times.  All in all it was fun and the girls thought the "bus" was awesome.

SUNDAY (9.29.13)
Jason's mom made us breakfast and we got to see Kaylee's new bike. We also got to watch a hot air balloon fly over their house, which the girls thought was pretty cool.  We then loaded up and headed home.  We spent the rest of the day relaxing.  We went grocery shopping and daddy hung a tire swing in the front yard for the girls.  They were surprised after nap time to see it.


  1. The RV looks fun! We keep going back and worth on whether we want to buy one next year or not. Can't decided if I want to go camping *that* often lol ;-)

  2. What a cool RV! I would love camping if I could sleep in something like that! haha =)

  3. Such a fun weekend! Minus the bee sting!! Your girls are so gorgeous!

  4. Ugh i love camping but the older I get the more I'd love it more if we had something like this! So cool! I bet for the girls too! :)