Monday, September 9, 2013

Kaylee's Preschool Fashion: week two

Were into our second week of school and Kaylee is still loving it
I mean what little kid doesn't love to get out of the house to learn and play with their friends.
Kaylee is already talking about inviting her 3 friends to her birthday party!
As a parent this one was of the things I was most excited about, my kids bringing their friends over or inviting them to there birthdays and having sleep overs.  I have so many great memories of that growing up as a child.
This week in Kaylee's preschool fashion, there was NO SCHOOL on Monday Sept 2nd.
So we only have 4 pictures this week.
Day 6: Shirt - Old Navy | Jeans - Target | Shoes - WalMart
Day 7: Jacket & Pants - Macy's | Shoes - WalMart
Day 8: Shirt & Skirt - Target | Shoes: WalMart
Day 9: Shirt & Leopard jeans - Target | Shoes - WalMart
And here's a little added bonus this week...
Keira has been getting dressed with Kaylee each morning and has wanted to get her picture taken with Kaylee almost every morning so here is Keira with Kaylee on Day 8 & 9.  These two girls crack me up, I tell them to smile and instead I get "sassy" faces!


  1. haha...the sassy faces crack me up!

  2. check out those poses! talk about girly-girls!

  3. Kaylee is getting really good at that sassy pose! These photos could make a great collage at the end of the year to see how much she has changed. And I love that Keira is getting in on it too. So cute!

  4. lol they are too adorable. Love their sass!

  5. The sassy faces crack me up!! You have your hands full with those two! :)