Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Kaylee's school fashion: week 3 & 4

Week 3 was a short school week for Kaylee
She attended school on Monday & Tuesday.
Wednesday through Friday she came down with a fever and wasn't feeling good.
So we decided to keep her home and let her rest up.

Day 10: Target Romper
              WalMart shoes
Day 11: WalMart stripped dress

* * * * * * *

Week 4
She was feeling back to her normal self by Saturday and was excited to get back to school.
She had a great week and this whole week she was practicing her smile (school pictures were next week)  For school pictures we buy the smallest package just in case she has a goofy smile or her hair is messed up or something.  Last year she surprised and her school picture was adorable, so I hope this years picture is just as cute.

Day 15: Teal stripped tunic - Carter's & Bootcut jeans - Target
Day 16: White shirt & Heart skinny jeans - Target (love this outfit!)
Day 17: Neon stripped shirt - WalMart & Skinny jeans - Kohls
Day 18: Fish dress - Macy's & leggings and white shirt - WalMart
Day 19: Teal lace shirt - Old Navy & Grey skinny jeans - Target

I cant wait to put these pictures all together at the end of the year to see how much she's grown and changed.  So FUN!