Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The girls new playroom

In our house we're renting we have a formal room and living room
We spend most of our time in the living room and that's where all the girls toys are.
After Keira's birthday the toys multipled and we were running out of room in our living room.
And I knew with Christmas right around the corner that our living room was going to be taken over by the girls toys.  So I knew we needed to come up with something.  Since we don't use the formal room for anything, we decided it would be a good idea to turn that into the girls playroom.

After Christmas settled down and we returned to our daily routine, I slowly started moving the toys into that room and setting it up.  Jason's dad was nice enough to give us this toy storage with the bins, which is awesome cause that thing has come in handy.  I was afraid that the girls would be to use to having their toys in the living room, that they would take the toys from the formal room and bring them all into the living room.  But to my surprise that play in the playroom for hours, sometimes not nicely but they play.  They don't really bring the toys from the playroom into the living room.

We still have a little bit that we want to do in the play room
On the other side of the room we are going to be put the girls chairs and add a TV so they can watch their movies and we can regain the TV back!  I plan to go through my frame collection and add some pictures and art work to the walls to spruce it up

This is what my living room looked like before moving the toys, I think some of the toys are missing from this picture.  But I will NOT miss this huge mess!

Here is the playroom reveal!

The ABC wall, I ran out of foam...need to get more to finish and try to find more animals or things to go under each letter

Going to add pictures and art work on the empty space next to the ABCs and on the empty wall above the mini kitchen

Monday, January 30, 2012

Happy Birthday to ME!

28 years ago today at 11:55pm I was born into this world with a broken collar bone. 
I was the star of the show for 3 years before I was blessed with a little brother
I have so many great memories over these 28 years.

Here are 28 little fun facts about ME!
1. I had jet black hair when I was born
2. I'm left handed
3. In 1st grade I was teaching other kids how to read
4. My 3rd grade teacher was also my mom's 3rd grade teacher
5. I've had the same best friend since you Nicole

6. I wanted to change my name when I was younger cause I didn't like Joeylee
7. I played softball for 3 years before hurting my knee
8. I wore braces for 2 years
9. I loved reading The Babysitters Club books growing up
10. I am the oldest of 3 younger brothers
11. My brothers and I all have J names (Joeylee, Joshua, Jacob & Justin)
12. My first car was a 1989 Honda Accord
13. I'm 5'8"
14. I was scouted by a modeling agency when I was in high school
15. I love watching Sex & The City reruns
16. I have an obsessions with high heels, even though I don't wear them often
17. I've never worn eye liner
18. My kids have more clothes in their closet than I do
19. I've been with Jason for 10 years and were not married!
20. Both my girls have worn an outfit that was mine as a baby

21. I'd always hoped I would have a sister but I love my brothers
22. I don't know how to snowboard
23. I had to wear glasses when I was younger to read
24. I gave birth to both my girls without drugs
25. I go to sleep every night with the TV on (hubby hates it)
26. Laundry is my LEAST favorite chore
27. I hate surprises
28. I got to meet Carey Hart (so hot!! - that's Pink in the white behind us)

Not sure what Jason has planned for today cause he wont tell me.
Which means its surprise, and as you read in #27 I HATE surprises
But I guess I have no choice
So I'll do a post all about my birthday tomorrow.
Kaylee came in and wished me a Happy Birthday this sweet!

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Keira is 14 months old!

Keira Alexis,
Baby girl you are growing up so fast and I know I say this each month but I'll probably continue to say it.  You are such a joy to have around.  You always have a big smile on your face.

I love when your watching cartoons or a Disney movie and then all of a sudden start giggling, it's the cutest thing.  You are starting to become more independent and want to do things for yourself.

You HATE when it's time to have your diaper changed or get dressed.  As soon as your diaper comes off your outta here and running off.  You thinks its funny when mommy chases you, you starting laughing and squealing!  You also don't like to have your hair done.  You don't mind me brushing it and putting a headband on but if I try to put it in a pony tail or pig tails you get mad!

You love to play with sissy.  Watching the two of you play keeps me on my toes, cause sometimes sissy can be rough or when you guys starting running together someone ends up falling down.  You adore your sister and I love the bond that has formed between the two of you.  I hope the bond between you guys continues to grow and that the two of you are the best of friends.

SWEET   Mommy's Girl    TEMPER    Funny
Milk   RICE   CrAcKeRs    Fruit
BABIES    walking    DANCING    bOoKs
FAVORITE TOYS: books, babies, mega blocks & cell phones
FAVORITE FOOD: you love all food, I haven't found anything that you wont eat!
FAVORITE ACTIVITIES: playing outside, playing with sissy, watching the movie Cars & Toy Story
NEW WORDS: thank you, cheese, Nama (grandma), Mimi (my mom), ball, mommy, daddy, sit, jump, go

Weight: 22lbs (home scale)
Height: 31" long
Teeth: 6 with 2 more coming in (4 top & almost 4 on the bottom)
Diaper: 4
Clothes: 12-18 months
Shoe: 3/4
Hair: brown
Eye: dark blue

What you've been up to:
* you've started climbing.  You can climb into your chair and think your the cats meow that you can stand up in it and see everyone.  The other day you did take a fall right off your chair into a pile of dirty clothes.  But that fall didn't phase you at all.

* you love to read your books.  You've started babbling when you look at them.  It's the cutest thing.  Mommy tries to read your books to you but you become to impatient and want the pages turned, if mommy doesn't turn them you then get mad.  So we read short books right now.

* When I take out the big camera you will run up to me and say "cheese" and then flash a smile.  Usually you do this so fast that I don't have time to set up the camera to take your picture.  I've found that taking your pictures is easiest when I put you in your rocking chair cause you'll sit still.

* you are walking super fast right now, almost at a run.  Your getting better about walking in your shoes.  Mommy didn't start putting shoes on your until around 11 months so you haven't been wearing them to long.  But sometimes when your trying to do your super walk you look like you've just gotten off a horse.  LOL

* you are ticklish all over.  I mean all over...under your neck, on your back, even your little butt! haha

* you love to push around your little cars.  You make a little vroom vroom noise.  I love watching you play and I often wonder what your thinking about while playing.

* you have starting "talking" up a storm.  It is a lot of babbling, but it's like your having a converstation with us.  Your speaking your own lanuage right now.  We are still working on new words and on your sign language.  You've got signing "more" down like a champ.


* this month you drew with chalk and crayons.  You aren't quite sure about the crayons quite yet, you would rather put them in your mouth then color with them.  You did like the chalk though, you did take a little taste and quickly realized how yucky it was and haven't done it since.

* mommy is working on your body parts and more animals noises with you.  Although you sitting still long enough is hit or miss.  I try to do this with you without anyone around and the TV off so you don't get distracted but even then you still don't want to sit still.

* you know that animals noises to a dog, cat and cow

* I just started giving you a spoon at dinner.  The other night you had rice for dinner and when I looked over at you you were taking the rice by hand and placing it on your spoon and then putting it in your mouth. 

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Project 365 - Week 4

Project 365 - Week 4
January 22nd - 28th

January 22- Kaylee said she wanted mommy to take silly pictures with her & then with sissy
January 23 - Jason & I had a date night baking date making yummy banana cupcakes & cake pops
January 24 - Kaylee wanted me to take pictures of her.  Since this doesn't happen often I jumped on it.

January 25 - Kaylee modeling a dress I won in a giveaway.  Kaylee looked so adorable
January 26 - I love that these two adore each other so much.  Just looking at Keira's smile melts my heart
January 27 - we went to Thai Cafe for my birthday with my 2 best friends
January 28 - Our Satyrday morning scene, the girls having a blast playing together!

Friday, January 27, 2012

Pigtail Sisters & Getting Older

I was trying to get the girls to have matching hair dues but little Miss had a different idea.
Keira sat for .5 seconds yesterday morning while I tried quickly to do her hair.
She HATES to have her hair done, she'll let me brush it and put a headband on her but if it invloves a pony tail or getting pig tails she wants nothing to do with it!  The past few days she's been pretty crabby, she's getting 2 teeth on the bottom.  The one finally broke through last night and the other one is so close.  So trying to take pictures of both the girls today or even her by herself was out of the question.  I enlisted the help of daddy to get a picture of both girls and only got 2 good ones of her by herself.

I've had a huge obsession with my girls baby feet.  I don't know what it is about them but they are just so darn cute!

Keira was happy for a short 5 minutes when she semi played with Kaylee before wanting me to pick her up and snuggle.  I do enjoy our snuggle time.  Unless she's not feeling good or just wants to be sweet, those snuggles are few and far.  I love when she walks up and gives hugs and wants me to rub her head and back.  Kaylee thought she might be able to cheer Keira up by sitting in the baby car seat, I think it worked!

Kaylee on the other hand won the award for Miss Photogenic yesterday.
I don't know if it's the way her hair is but for some reason to me she looks older in these pictures!
What do you think?!



Here are the only 2 pictures I got from yesterday of Miss Keira.
She hasn't been happy due to 2 more teeth coming on the bottom.  That brings her total teeth to 8.
I have a feeling her 1 year molars might be trying to come in, she's been chewing on her fingers in the back of her mouth like a crazy person!!


* * * * * * * *  

As my birthday creeps closer, 3 more days
I will be celebrating 28 years of life on Monday

I thought that I'd be sad about getting older and being that much closer to 30, but I'm not sad at all.  I'm the oppisite, I'm happy.  I couldn't imagine my life being any better.  I am a mom to 2 of the most beautiful little girls, I'm with the man that I love more than anything, we're getting things started to buy our first house, I just graduated college with a degree in Early Childhood Development.  This is exactly where I want to be.

I always thought that after graduating high school that I would stay friends with the 7 girls that I called my best friends in high school.  But as the years went on and we grew older we grew apart.  I am very happy that I am still really good friends with a few of those girls today.  Though one of them lives in Vegas that doesn't stop us from talking all the time.  I will be metting up tonight with my best friend her fiance and our other friend for a fun dinner and maybe some drinks for my birthday.  I am so happy that I'll be able to spend my birthday with people who mean a lot to me.

I am sad that my mom isn't here.  I wish I was able to celebrate with all my family, but I'm happy to be spending my birthday with my little family too.  We will be celebrating me all weekend long!!  And I'm excited that my sewing machine will be here Feb. 1st!! YAY

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Vintage Couture

About a week ago I won a giveaway and got to pick and outfit
You can find the awesome site HERE
They are very pricey but the clothes are absolutely adorable.

Monday morning was like Christmas all over again when I heard the door bell ring and opened the door to find a package.  I saw the name and knew it was the dress I picked!  I was so excited!  I told Kaylee to hurry over and look at her new dress, she was even excited about it.  I then asked her if she wanted to put it on and take some pretty pictures and she excitedly jumped up and down saying "yes yes yes!".  So I put it on her and just about died from all the cuteness, we headed outside to get some good pictures of her. Inside the box was the shirt, the dress and the headband.

(disclaimer: I didn't get paid from Vintage Couture to do this post, this is just my opinion)

Now check out these adorable pictures of my adorable girl in this adorable dress!




The dress and my kid are totally adorable right?!
I wish I could order more of these adorable clothes but I think Jason would kill me.  Like I said these are adorable but they are pricey, this dress that Kaylee is wearing is $64 and the headband is $14.  Inside the box was their spring collection and OMG it's to die for.  But Jason would kill me if I ordered this super cute romper for Keira cause it's $44.  Maybe in the future when I get good at sewing I'll be able to make some cute outfits like this!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Dr. Kaylee is in the house

You can also find me HERE today
I am doing my first ever guest post for Britt at Gettin' Fritzy With It, I'll be talking about the exciting and not exciting times going from 1 baby to 2.
Check it out!

* * * * * * * * * * *

If you need a Dr just call give Kaylee a call, she makes house calls.
She decided she wanted to play Dr. and have Keira and her barbies be her patients
It was so cute to watch, she was really gentle with Keira.
And Keira enjoyed it too, she sat there and let Kaylee do all the steps.
Watching them play so nicely together makes me so happy!
Kaylee imagination is really expanding and love hearing her talk to her dolls and pretend.

Dr. Kaylee is in the house!

lets check your temp, you got a happy face

blood pressure check

Listening to you, you all better

Let me look in your ears, Keira

A shot and then a bandaid to help you!

Hugs from the Dr for being such a good pacient!
After Keira was done, it was barbies turn to be a pacient with Dr. Kaylee

After Kaylee was done playing Dr. she wanted me take some pictures of her and sissy.  So I was happy to do it cause it's not everyday she wants me to take pictures of her.  Plus its been like a week in a half since I took pictures with my DSLR (it was feeling neglected).  My mom made the shirt that Kaylee is wearing, its a cute little peasant top.  After 5 days of rain, it has finally stopped raining and its suppose to get back into the mid 60s again this week.  Then the rain is suppose to return.  We might be able to head outside to play this week, if its not to cold.