Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Things I'm Loving

I'm LOVING that we went out last night to celebrate my dad's birthday.  He wanted to go to his favorite place, Chili's.  We had a great time.

I'm LOVING that Kaylee likes her leap pad she got for Christmas.  She got a Toy Story game to dowload to it and she loves to listen to it read her the story.  She's also taken in interest in tracing the letters and numbers.  She also likes to color the pictures of the different characters.

I'm LOVING that my birthday is in 12 days and that our good friends from Vegas will be here next week to celebrate with me and to check out their wedding venue.  I cant wait to see them and go out!

I'm LOVING that the girls new playroom is coming together and that they actually play in there.  I thought that they would drag the toys from in there to into the living room.  I still have things I want to hang on the wall and set up but I'm glad to have my living room back again!  Here's a little sneak peek (I'll do a whole post when it's finished)

I'm LOVING that in 12 days I will be getting my sewing machine.  I cant wait to get started sewing things.  I'm going to start out small and work my way up.  Here's the bad boy that I'm getting!

Brother 17-Stitch Free-Arm Sewing Machine, LX2500

I'm LOVING this sweet guy and all that he does for our family.  I've really enjoyed having him home for the past week in a half and we'll be sad when he has to go back to work.

I'm LOVING the sisterly bond between these two.  I love waking up each morning to the giggles that are coming from their room.  I love when I go into their room and see the HUGE smile I get from both of them.  It makes my day!

I'm LOVING all the awesome ideas I've found on pinterest for Kaylee's toy story theme 3rd birthday.  She's going to be so excited, I cant wait till she see's it.  Now I just need to come up with her birthday outfit.  What do you think of this outfit? (the shirt would have a 3)

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  1. Your family is beautiful. Just stumbled across your blog :) How exciting about the new sewing machine, can't wait to see what creations you make with it. The little toy story themed birthday party is adorable too!! :)

  2. Oh that sewing machine looks awesome! The toy story party will eb so fun and cute!

  3. The toy room is looking great! Excited to see what you come up with on your new sewing machine :-) Start with a pillowcase! I think that birthday outfit is super cute...maybe you'll be able to sew it yourself soon!

  4. Love the toy room! LOVE LOVE LOVE that birthday outfit too!

  5. The toy room looks AWESOME and I LOVE LOVE LOVE the little cowgirl getup!!! SO cute:)

  6. The girls are seriously way too cute, the braided pig tails is beyond adorable! I love that toy story outfit, how perfect and girly! Love it! The toy room also is coming together amaZingly! Great job mama! Xoxo

  7. The toy story outfit is adorable!!! I soooo want a sewing machine. I'm not even sure that I will do well with one but I have so many ideas in my head!!!

  8. new sewing machine!? exciting :)