Wednesday, January 4, 2012

I have the best job ever

My blogger friend Shawa over at Girls Just Wanna Have Fun did a post yesterday talking about how her job is better than yours.  Well I'd have to agree with her that we have pretty awesome jobs, we're in the same type of work.  If your wondering what job we have well I'll tell you, we have the joy of being a STAY AT HOME MOMS!

I stopped working (or should I say got laid off) in October 2009 right after I found out I was pregnant with Kaylee and I haven't looked back since.  It couldn't have been worse timing since we had just found out we were expecting our first baby, but it was the best thing that ever happened to me. 
I love my job.  I love the fact that I don't have to get up earlier than 8am each morning (thank you girls), that I don't have to get out of my pajama's till noon (thats when the girls do down for a nap and I get my mommy quiet time).  I enjoy that I don't have to get my girls up early to take them to a day care and then have to worry all day if their ok or what their doing.  I love the fact that they wake up on their own and I get to see those beautiful smiles when I go into their room to get them up.

I love that we get to eat breakfast, lunch and dinner together.  I love that I'm able to crawl around on the floor with them to play (yes I crawl on the floor).  I love that I'm able to take millions hundreds of pictures of them daily.  That I'm the one that gets to witness every little move they make and that I get to hear all the new words or phrases they say, the laughter that comes from them when they play together.

I know in a couple months when Kaylee starts preschool that first week of dropping her off I'll be bawling my eyes out on the car ride home.  Yeah granted she'll only be there for 3.5 hours, but everyday for those 3.5 hours I wont get to see her in all her funnyness (is that a word) or see that bright smile or her sassy attitude.  But I know it will be good for her.  I know she'll enjoy school so that makes me happy.  At least I'll still have my littlest Miss at home with me. 

So this is why I'll agree with Shawna and say My job is better than yours!
Cause it truly is and I wouldn't change it for anything.

And even though I just graduated, I'm not sure I wont to go out and get a job
I went to school for Early Childhood Development

But for right now I'm going to enjoy this job I have right now of being a stay at home mama to Kaylee and Keira and not worry about a different job.  I love that I'm able to put the girls in the car and run errands or do lots of fun crafts with them.  I'm not ready for any of that to change, so even though I graduated I will not be looking for a job anytime soon.  Maybe when Keira gets closer to entering Preschool then I'll start looking for a part time job.  Being able say to say that I've taught my girls all the stuff they now is such a reward.  When people talk about how smart they are and say how good of a job I'm doing with them, it reassures me that I'm doing a good job.  I'm proud of my girls as well, their good students.

So thank you girls for making my job so much fun
It really is the best job I could have been given!
Even though I don't get any sick days, its still worth it in the end!

* * * * * * * *

Also I am selling Keira's baby clothes that she's outgrown
Most of these clothes have only been worn twice
They are sizes 6-12 month stuff
Summer & Winter items

Here is a link to a cragislist add I have

Let me know if your interested

* * * * * * * * *

I also started on one of my goals which is Project 365.
I'm going to try really hard to stick with this cause the end result will be fun to see.
I put a little spin on my 365 project.  Usually it's just take one picture a day for 365 days.
But for me I'm going to take a picture of the girls sitting together everyday.
I think it will be super fun to look at these at the end of the year to see how much they've changed and grown that year.  I've been good so far with taking their picture each day.  I've decided I'm going to take their picture in the same spot each day.

* * * * * * * * *

When you have kids I've realized that your house is going to look like a total mess!
Having 2 kids makes it look like a tornado went through your house.
I've learned to just leave the mess and clean it up when they go to bed.
I would clean up the girls mess when they went down for a nap only to have it be a total mess again 3 hours later when they woke up from their naps.  I've learned that its ok to a have mess and to just leave it.  Cleaning it up at nap time and then cleaning it again when they go to bed just makes more work for me, so I've learn to just leave the mess alone.  Let the girls have their fun and clean it once they go to bed.

They have so many toys now they don't even now what to play with.  We're slowly working on the playroom but we don't want to do to much cause we don't know how long we'll be in this rental before we find our house to buy.  But I need to go through the girls toys again and donate some stuff that they don't play with and keep the stuff that they really like.  Right before Christmas we took a huge box of donated toys to Goodwill.

Here's a glimps of what my house looks like on a daily basis.
And this isn't even the playroom, this is our living room!

* * * * * * * * *

Disney on Ice is coming to our town and guess what....
We are going to surprise Kaylee and take her cause
Its Toy Story 3 on Ice!
They are coming in February
She is going to be so excited

My mom and dad took my little brother and they said he loved it
and since Kaylee is OBSESSED with Toy Story she will LOVE it too
I cant wait to see the look on her face


  1. Such a great post! I agree that being a stay-at-home mom is awesome! I don't get to do it all year, but I do get to be one for 4 months out of the year. And for those 4 months, I am in heaven!

  2. Oh crap, it just "ate" my last comment lol. Basically I said yay for being able to stay home a little longer---I had wondered about whether you'd be heading back now that you graduated.

    And also I can't wait to hear what Kaylee thinks of preschool! Around here the preschools run September through May (like public school) so Raya won't be starting until the fall and even then it's only twice a week for a couple hours. Just getting her feet wet lol

  3. Disney on ice will be sooo fun! Lidia LOVED it when I took her! Oh, I am so excited for you!

    The cleaning up thing is good advice! I get stressed sometimes and try and clean up after them all day... and its way too much work!

    oh, and yes dont rush back to work very quickly. i work 3 days a week but my MIL has been watching the girls for free. Now, she is moving and im on the hunt for daycare. ITS SO EXPENSIVE. Almost to the point where its pointless for me to work, except I carry our insurance. So yes, stay home as long as possible!! :)

  4. I'm jealous of your job :)....I am back to work after a 2 week vacation and it is so hard!!

  5. it's an awesome job!! being a mom is the best thing out there. hands down. especially if you get to be with them 24/7!!!

    love the pics too.

  6. What a great post!

    I would have to agree! Being a SAHM myself, I agree that we have the best job ever! Challenging? Yes! But I wouldn't trade it for the world!

    Your girls are adorable!

  7. I agree- being a SAHM is the best job I've ever had! We're so lucky, aren't we? That is so exciting that you are going to Toy Story on Ice. I know Kaylee will love it!

  8. New follower. Your girls are adorable!! Happy New Year.

  9. you are very lucky to be able to stay home!