Friday, January 13, 2012

Kaylee is 32 Months Old

Kaylee Elizabeth,

I cant believe that in 4 short months we'll be celebrating your 3rd birthday.  That's right 3.  Mommy is under way starting on your birthday decor. Since you have this HUGE obsession with Toy Story, you decided you wanted a Toy Story theme birthday, so mommy is gonna make it a great birthday for you.  You are growing up way to fast for mommy.  Lately you've had quite the sassy mouth on you and have had to sit in time out a lot.

There is always something new with you every day.  The new phrases that come out of your mouth have me laughing so hard.  It also makes me wonder where the hell did you hear that.  I love doing these monthly updates on you but I think when you turn 3 I'm going to stop the monthly updates and do them every 3 months instead.

SLEEPING:  You are still taking one nap everyday which is turning into a battle each day.  You like to get out of bed and play around with Keira.  Mommy has had to come upstairs to scold you.  Usually if mommy has to come up to your room a second time you have to sleep in the pack n play.  Which you hate but you cant get out of it.  The other day you were up in your room and I heard you up there and then it got quiet, well when I went up to check on you, you had taken off your pants and diaper and then had fallen alseep on the floor.  I of course being your mom ran back downstairs to get my phone to take a picture.  I know you'll hate me for it later.  You go to bed each night around 8-8:30.  You make sure you take your big woody to bed with you each night.

EATING:  Your eating has gotten better.  For awhile there you were being so picky and were not eating anything but crackers and Kix cereal.  But these last few months you've been getting better.  You are still loving your oatmeal and eggs.  Fish and raisins are your favorite.  Your new favorite thing to eat is pineapple.


CLOTHING: It seems like you've been in the same size for forever.  You've finally just moved into size 3T.  You have lots of outfits that Mimi has made you that still fit.  You have like 4 dresses that she made you when you were around 17 months and your still able to wear them.  You seem so short to me, but at Christmas you were standing next to your cousin who is 3 months older than you and you were taller.  You've been at 35" for awhile and your sister is catching up to you quickly...only 4" difference between the two of you.  You wear size 3T panties, pants & shirts 3T and size 8 shoe.  Your able to put on and take off your clothes and shoes.

Things you've been up to this month
* you like to sleep in just your diaper, you go to bed in clothes and you wake up in just a diaper.  Daddy said he was the same way when he was little.

* you were playing with your dr kit you got for Christmas, you gave yourself a shot and then said "oh sick burn".  You make me laugh each day cause of the stuff that comes out of your mouth

* you started drawing what you call "people".  Its so cute and your were so proud of yourself

* you love to put objects on the ground and then jump over them.  You love jumping up and down.  We're thinking of getting you a trampoline for your birthday.

* you can count to 5 in spanish.  I think that's pretty impressive for your age.

* you can count to 20

* you can sing your ABCs (will post video soon)

* you can sing Twinkle Twinkle & patty cake

* you read your books and make up your own stories.  I love listening to you and my favorite is when you read to Keira.  She loves it to cause she sits there and just listens.

* you have a big red bouncy ball that you play with each night with either daddy or Uncle Josh.  It's great cause your able to release some energy

Daddy & I are still trying to decide if we're going to put you in private school or public school.  There is this awesome private school where we live - Montessori School.  They are a great school.  We've started saving money for it if we decide to go that route.  I think you are going to love going to school.  Of course I'm sure mommy will be a wreck that first week.

You love to have your toe nails painted.  We haven't tried painting your finger nails cause I don't think you would sit still long enough for them to dry.  Your to impaitent just like your daddy.  Your a girly girl.  You don't like to have your hair brushed but you always want a bow or flower in your hair.  You HATE when people mess your hair up and you will let them know!

The thing that mommy is really enjoying is that your turning back into my once little ham.  You are liking getting your pictures taken, you always want to see your pictures after I've taken each one.  You have a go to pose, hand on the hips.  But there are still times that you don't want to take pictures at all and I end up with pictures like this...

Thank you so much for making days with you so much fun.  Yes you do challange me and sass back but I love spending each day with you.  I love watching you grow and learn new things each day.  I love watching you and your sister play together.
We love you!

Love: Mommy, Daddy & sissy


  1. How cute is she?! Love all of the cute photos!

  2. Love all the pictures! Raya LOVES our trampoline that the old owners left at this house. She's totally bummed that it's covered in snow now.

    I tried showing Raya how to pose today...oh my, it was so funny lol

  3. cute pictures!!! i love how you make her sleep in the pack n play if you have to come up there a second time, made me giggle!

  4. This is such a sweet post. I love all the updates- it will be fun for her to look back on one day (and for you too).
    She is beautiful! Great pics

  5. Aww! Love this post! What a cutie! LOVE the last picture!

  6. She's absolutely beautiful. I can relate with so much. My daughter just turned 31 months old and I too am having a hard time that in just a few short months she'll be 3. they grow up too fast don't they?

  7. Adorable:) Alivia does camera poses and kissy faces all the time. It cracks me up because I definitely didn't teach her or tell her to do those things!!! Kaylee is getting so big!! While yall are celebrating her third we will be celebrating Alivia's fourth!!! *tear*