Sunday, January 29, 2012

Keira is 14 months old!

Keira Alexis,
Baby girl you are growing up so fast and I know I say this each month but I'll probably continue to say it.  You are such a joy to have around.  You always have a big smile on your face.

I love when your watching cartoons or a Disney movie and then all of a sudden start giggling, it's the cutest thing.  You are starting to become more independent and want to do things for yourself.

You HATE when it's time to have your diaper changed or get dressed.  As soon as your diaper comes off your outta here and running off.  You thinks its funny when mommy chases you, you starting laughing and squealing!  You also don't like to have your hair done.  You don't mind me brushing it and putting a headband on but if I try to put it in a pony tail or pig tails you get mad!

You love to play with sissy.  Watching the two of you play keeps me on my toes, cause sometimes sissy can be rough or when you guys starting running together someone ends up falling down.  You adore your sister and I love the bond that has formed between the two of you.  I hope the bond between you guys continues to grow and that the two of you are the best of friends.

SWEET   Mommy's Girl    TEMPER    Funny
Milk   RICE   CrAcKeRs    Fruit
BABIES    walking    DANCING    bOoKs
FAVORITE TOYS: books, babies, mega blocks & cell phones
FAVORITE FOOD: you love all food, I haven't found anything that you wont eat!
FAVORITE ACTIVITIES: playing outside, playing with sissy, watching the movie Cars & Toy Story
NEW WORDS: thank you, cheese, Nama (grandma), Mimi (my mom), ball, mommy, daddy, sit, jump, go

Weight: 22lbs (home scale)
Height: 31" long
Teeth: 6 with 2 more coming in (4 top & almost 4 on the bottom)
Diaper: 4
Clothes: 12-18 months
Shoe: 3/4
Hair: brown
Eye: dark blue

What you've been up to:
* you've started climbing.  You can climb into your chair and think your the cats meow that you can stand up in it and see everyone.  The other day you did take a fall right off your chair into a pile of dirty clothes.  But that fall didn't phase you at all.

* you love to read your books.  You've started babbling when you look at them.  It's the cutest thing.  Mommy tries to read your books to you but you become to impatient and want the pages turned, if mommy doesn't turn them you then get mad.  So we read short books right now.

* When I take out the big camera you will run up to me and say "cheese" and then flash a smile.  Usually you do this so fast that I don't have time to set up the camera to take your picture.  I've found that taking your pictures is easiest when I put you in your rocking chair cause you'll sit still.

* you are walking super fast right now, almost at a run.  Your getting better about walking in your shoes.  Mommy didn't start putting shoes on your until around 11 months so you haven't been wearing them to long.  But sometimes when your trying to do your super walk you look like you've just gotten off a horse.  LOL

* you are ticklish all over.  I mean all over...under your neck, on your back, even your little butt! haha

* you love to push around your little cars.  You make a little vroom vroom noise.  I love watching you play and I often wonder what your thinking about while playing.

* you have starting "talking" up a storm.  It is a lot of babbling, but it's like your having a converstation with us.  Your speaking your own lanuage right now.  We are still working on new words and on your sign language.  You've got signing "more" down like a champ.


* this month you drew with chalk and crayons.  You aren't quite sure about the crayons quite yet, you would rather put them in your mouth then color with them.  You did like the chalk though, you did take a little taste and quickly realized how yucky it was and haven't done it since.

* mommy is working on your body parts and more animals noises with you.  Although you sitting still long enough is hit or miss.  I try to do this with you without anyone around and the TV off so you don't get distracted but even then you still don't want to sit still.

* you know that animals noises to a dog, cat and cow

* I just started giving you a spoon at dinner.  The other night you had rice for dinner and when I looked over at you you were taking the rice by hand and placing it on your spoon and then putting it in your mouth. 


  1. Looking as cute as ever! Happy 14 months sweet girl:)

  2. She looks so super cute in those pics! Have you cut her hair (bangs) or is that how it's grown naturally? It looks great!

  3. Happy 14 months Miss Keira! Love the pictures! :-)

  4. O my word, she is so prefect! They grow so fast dont they??

  5. Adorable as ever, of course! Seems like just yesterday you posted her Birthday blog post. I just love all of her headbands and bows. I'm jealous of all of the words shes saying, lol. Peyton is one month older and doesnt do much talking.. atleast words that I understand. haha. Shes taking her sweet time. :) Hope you guys had a good weekend!

  6. Happy 14 months cutie pie! I think she looks a lot more mature in the face now- I can tell she is growing fast!