Monday, January 2, 2012

Our Chalk Family

Both Kaylee & Keira have been loving Kaylee's gift she got for Christmas
Jason's Grandma & Grandpa got Kaylee a wooden easel
One side is a chalkboard and the other side is a dry erase board, paint and color

The girls have been enjoying this gift for sure
Daddy helped me finish putting it together last night, so all day today they have been playing so nicely together.  It's set on the chalkboard side and there's 2 little trays with Kaylee's chalk.

While playing today Kaylee decided she wanted to draw all of us.
It turned out so cute.  She had mommy, daddy, Keira and herself and then she went back to the chalkboard cause she forgot to draw Uncle Josh.  We've left it on the chalkboard so that daddy and Uncle Josh can see it when they get home from work!  Kaylee has just started drawing "people" and I think it's so cute.  She draws a circle and then draws 2 lines straight down those are the legs, then she makes dots inside of the circle and that makes up the eyes, nose, mouth and cheeks.  So cute, right!?!

After our chalk fun we had a little photoshoot to show off our new clothes and cause it had been awhile.  We had a little photoshoot yesterday and today.  Kaylee is wearing the same shirt cause we had gotten ready to go to Livermore to this cool little toy shop but we drove all the way there to find out they were closed!  Once we got back home the girls took a nap and while up in her room Kaylee decided to take her clothes off.  So I figured since she didn't wear her outfit for more than an hour she could wear the shirt again today.

These were from yesterday...

If you've noticed Kaylee's new favorite pose in the hands on the hips, so cute! 

These were from today...
my mom made this scarf for Kaylee for Christmas but it fits Keira too
Doesn't she look so cute!


* * * * * * *
Here's Kaylee modeling some of the clothes Mimi made for her
Mimi made her this super cute and soft tinkerbell robe

 She made her this cute corduroy dress.  My mom sent a long sleeve white shirt to wear under it
I love the bright colors.

 Mimi also made Kaylee this tinkerbell purse (same fabric as her robe)
Kaylee likes to carry her woody around in it!

My mom also made another cute scarf that matches one of Kaylee's jackets.
I'm so thankful that my mom knows how to sew, cause she makes the girls some of the cutest clothes.

I've found some clothes ideas on Pinterest and I send them to her.
Like that scarf that Keira is wearing, I found that on Pinterest and sent it to my mom
It's really easy to make!
The scarf is actually made from womens knee high socks from Target
Also most of Keira's leg warmers are made from the knee high womens socks as well


  1. Your girls are precious! My mom sews too, thank goodness because I have no skills! Now I just need a little girl to have her make frilly stuff for...boy's clothes are definitely not the same!

  2. Cute pics! Love the ones of them sitting on the steps together. I cant wait until Brielle is a little older because right now she will not sit still for anything, so pictures together are impossible!!

  3. These are all amazing pics! Your girls are so beautiful...and their eyes...gorg!!

    Hope you guys had a great New Year!!

  4. Gosh, your girls are just so cute. Always so stylish! I wish my mom could sew like yours. ;)