Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The girls new playroom

In our house we're renting we have a formal room and living room
We spend most of our time in the living room and that's where all the girls toys are.
After Keira's birthday the toys multipled and we were running out of room in our living room.
And I knew with Christmas right around the corner that our living room was going to be taken over by the girls toys.  So I knew we needed to come up with something.  Since we don't use the formal room for anything, we decided it would be a good idea to turn that into the girls playroom.

After Christmas settled down and we returned to our daily routine, I slowly started moving the toys into that room and setting it up.  Jason's dad was nice enough to give us this toy storage with the bins, which is awesome cause that thing has come in handy.  I was afraid that the girls would be to use to having their toys in the living room, that they would take the toys from the formal room and bring them all into the living room.  But to my surprise that play in the playroom for hours, sometimes not nicely but they play.  They don't really bring the toys from the playroom into the living room.

We still have a little bit that we want to do in the play room
On the other side of the room we are going to be put the girls chairs and add a TV so they can watch their movies and we can regain the TV back!  I plan to go through my frame collection and add some pictures and art work to the walls to spruce it up

This is what my living room looked like before moving the toys, I think some of the toys are missing from this picture.  But I will NOT miss this huge mess!

Here is the playroom reveal!

The ABC wall, I ran out of foam...need to get more to finish and try to find more animals or things to go under each letter

Going to add pictures and art work on the empty space next to the ABCs and on the empty wall above the mini kitchen


  1. Such a cute playroom! Love it!

  2. looking good!! my living room looks just like yours :) we live in a townhouse and every day they bring new toys downstairs. uhhhhh! lol. i envy your toy room!

  3. Looks so cute!! We have the same toy bing and a lot of the same toys!!! Love the ABC wall too! Adorable!

  4. Lookin' good! I pinned the ABC wall---so cute :-)

  5. It looks great! I know we are going to have to do something like that eventually because I already feel like the toys are taking over!

  6. OMG it looks amazing!!! Great job mama!

  7. WOW, that is a huge playroom! Your girls must just love it in there. Let me suggest a full length mirror to add to one of the walls. We just put one in my daughters new playroom, she loves it. Funny how much time little ones will spend making faces and just looking at themselves!