Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Wedding Wednesday: Our Venue

When we got engaged Jason and I went back and forth on whether or not we would get married at a venue or a family member's backyard.  When I envisioned getting married I always picked myself getting married at a pretty venue with all our family and friends, having someone to help me with all the planning and just being able to have fun and not stress about everything.

I started looking at venue's and got really discouraged cause a lot of them were so expensive, I knew we wouldn't be able to afford that since Jason and I would be paying for most of the wedding (our parents are each giving us money).  After finding some really pretty places that I could totally picture us having our wedding there was shot down, we just didn't have the budget.  Yes I was upset and sad I wouldn't be getting my dream wedding but I would make a backyard wedding work.

Since the venue option was off the table we talked and talked and talked about where we were gonna have the wedding.  We had it narrowed down to 2 different options, a airport hanger or a friends beautiful backyard.  I put a lot of work into finding a caterer, getting quotes on cakes & flowers, it was a little stressful.

Then something awesome happened, Jason got his new job offer, which meant he would be making a lot more money, which meant we would now be able to afford a venue.  We still wanted to stick close to the budget we originally set for our wedding and didn't want to get to crazy with things.  So I came across Wedgewood Golf Course, it was beautiful.  I set up a meeting to go and look at it.  My meeting with them was 2 weeks before we were moving to TX.  One of my bridesmaids came with me to look at it and I knew after looking at it, that this was the place for us.  The best part about this venue was that they had different wedding packages and you are able to customize it to fit your budget.  You can take things off and add things on.

We first set our wedding date for September 20, 2014, well when I went in there to talk with the venue people they told me that September is one of the most expensive months to get married.  We chose September cause we didn't want it to be too hot and we didn't want it to be too cold.  But after hearing how much it was going to be, I was a little disappointed. 

So after hearing that we needed to come up with a new plan, Nicole told us that we could get married in November and it would be in our budget.  The cool thing about that was that they were having a winter special if you chose to get married in October 2014 - February 2015, it included money off per person, the ceremony fee waved and free up lighting.  I went home and talked with Jason to figure out what our next step would be.  I told him I really wanted to get married there and this place would be perfect. (he was already working in TX, so he hasn't seen it yet).  We talked and agreed that November would work, we then chose a date and called Nicole.

We talked with Nicole and chose to go with November 21, 2014 (a Friday, it was cheaper than Saturday) so we put our deposit down to save that date and I was so happy to have the biggest part of our wedding taken care of.  Then we got some bad news, I got a call the next day saying "we are so sorry but after I took your deposit I was putting in your info and it looks like someone put a deposit down on that date before you".  All I could think was "are you F******* kidding me!"  they apologized and said that Sunday November 23, 2014 was available and for them messing up they would take more $ off per person.  I had to call and talk to Jason since we had a plan all set out and now that plan would need to be changed.  We talked and agreed that that date would work for us.

November cant come soon enough!

Monday, February 24, 2014

House Tour: The playroom

I'm going to start our house tour in the girls play room.
When looking at the pictures of the house I new the extra room would be the play room.
It wouldn't work for a regular room, cause there isn't a closet
Although the color of the room isn't to my liking (rusty orange!) It'll make do.
I love the fact that it has double doors on it and I can close them when it gets too messy in there.
After Kaylee's first week of school and all the art work she was bringing home I decided to hang up some close pins on the wall so that she can display her art work.  We change the art work out once a week.


Friday, February 21, 2014

Catch the moment 365: February 7-20

February 7 - We had a little photoshoot fun for our Freshly Picked Moccasin giveaway

February 8 - The lighting coming through the trees this morning was amazing.  How cute is this mama and baby Axis

February 9 - The trees across from our house have become my new favorite spot to take pictures
February 10 - The deer in our yard let me get pretty close to them so I could get this picture

February 11 - My baby isn't looking much like a baby but more like a big girl
 February 12 - The girls had a great time playing at the park together
 February 13 - Hye & Kendall (future BFF's)
 February 14 - My little love bug on Valentine's Day looking oh so cute!
 February 15 - Taking a walk along the River Walk in San Antonio (so pretty)
February 16 - Grandma sent this map for Kaylee over the weekend we cut some wood to make a frame for it, I love the way it turned out.
February 17 - Happy ONE Month living in Texas to us
February 18 - Love this silly kid

February 19 - Playroom sneak peek (playroom tour coming next week)

February 20 - Loving all the rocks and trees around our house, makes for fun pictures

Nurse Loves Farmer

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Twirl Baby Twirl

(written 2.5.14)
Looking at this picture you would think that we were having awesome weather, but that couldn't be further from the truth.  The past 2 days have been so cold.  Today it rained and it was so cold out that when the rain hit the trees, bushes or my car it made icicles.  So we have been cooped up in the house and the girls are starting to act a little crazy.  Kaylee has been home from school since Wednesday due to bronchitis and an ear infection. (thanks public school)

So today to try and keep the girls entertained, they played dress up.  Kaylee put on this dress that Mimi made her and danced around the house.  Little Mermaid came on and the girls have never seen it, so they were in a trance while I played until the musical parts where they got up and danced.  I caught Kaylee twirling out the corner of my eye and the pure joy on her face was just priceless.  I shot these pictures without her knowing and I'm so glad that I did.  Just watching her and the joy on her face when she dances around is awesome. 

Being able to watch there little imaginations come to life is amazing.  Watching them try to sing along to the songs, watching there faces light up or become concerned when something bad happens.  My girls are very much into pretend play and most days you will find Kaylee on all 4's pretending she's a cat and Keira is her grandma, and they play house together.  The kitchen island area has now become there pirate ship and no moms or baby sister's are allowed!  The closets have become there new beds when they play and everyday there pillows and bedding gets dragged in there.  I love that I'm able to witness all the fun imaginative things that they come up.  It must be fun to be a kid sometimes.

Monday, February 17, 2014

Freshly Picked Moccasin Giveaway WINNER!

Thank you to everyone that entered.
I wish you all could have won.

Stephanie send me an email at
I need to get some info from you to send to Freshly Picked

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Wedding Wednesday: Our Save the Dates

Right after we took our engagement pictures I was on the hunt for the perfect Save the Dates.
I searched and searched different sights looking for the one I liked the best, not sure what my colors would be or even our date yet. 

Once we decided to have our wedding at a venue and once we made our payment to reserve our date, then I was really on the search for my save the dates.  We choose our colors (black, white, gold glitter & Kelly green), so I wanted our save the dates to match our colors.

I found our Save the Dates on Wedding Paper Divas and I love the way they turned out.  I went with the postcard Save the Date.  The quality turned out great and I received my ordered sooner than the estimated date.  So if your looking for invites for your Wedding, Bridal Shower, or any other occasion check them out!



Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Texas Living

We've been in Texas for almost a month now, it's taken a little bit to get use to.
The way of living here is so much different than in CA.  The people here are so nice.
I've never had so many people wave, say hello or pay so much attention to the girls.
Just driving out of our development, each car that passes by they all wave.
When I was driving down the highway to our friends house, people even wave to you there.
I think its awesome that people are so friendly, its just way different than I'm use too.
I don't think I've ever been stopped so much in the grocery store by people admiring the girls and talking to them.  The girls eat it up and think it's the coolest thing.

Back in CA, seeing a deer was pretty rare.
So moving here and in the ranch development that we are in, we see them everyday.
It has been awesome.  It's surprising how close you can get to them before they run off.
The spotted axis are by far my favorite.
I love that the girls will be able to grow up with nature right in there back yard (literally)

Across the road from our house are some amazing trees, they have become my new favorite spot to go and take pictures of the girls.  The light that comes through the trees is just amazing.  The girls love to go over there because they can climb the trees.

I'm still getting use to where everything is.
The one thing I am really missing is Starbucks, the closest Starbucks is 30 minutes away.  Back in CA we had like 6 within 5-10 minutes.  In the town were living in things are little further away than I'm use to.  WalMart is 30 minutes, Target and all the other good stores are 45 minutes or more away.  That is the one thing I miss the most about CA.  Other than that things in Texas have been great.  Kaylee is doing great in school and really likes it (minus being sick 2 twice already since she's started 2 weeks ago).  The weather here is all over the place, one day it will be 75 and really nice and then the next day it will be raining and 50, then the next day it could be 25 and freezing. 

The girls and I are by ourselves for about 8 days before Jason returns home from work on a 4 day break.  It's always nice to have him home and we soak up all that time with him.  He has one more well pad and then he will be on a long 1-2 week break.   The girls and I are looking forward to Jason's mom coming to visit on Feb 21.  She will be here Fri-Mon.  His mom plans to come and visit once a month.  When she is here Friday she gets in and we'll do an easy dinner (pizza) and the big girls will go spend the night with her.  Saturday she'll watch all 3 girls for half the day giving Jason and I the chance to do something together (if he's home), Sunday we will all go and do something fun together (the zoo, botanical garden, museum) and then Monday grandma leaves to go back home.
The whole house has been unpacked and now I've just been decorating like crazy.  I will be doing our house tour soon, we are just waiting for a few things that we've ordered to come in.  I cant wait to show you the house.  It's been so fun to decorate it and make it feel all warm and cozy.

Monday, February 10, 2014

Freshly Picked Moccasin GIVEAWAY!

Happy Monday y'all.  I don't know about you but Monday's mean back to the daily grind of school drop off and running errands.  I don't know how happy your Monday's usually are but I think today, it might be really awesome! Today I have an awesome giveaway for you guys, Freshly Picked Moccasin's.  I mean did your day just become better or what!?   I wish I could enter to win!  Susan is graciously giving one of my readers a pair of moccs in the color of there choice!

* These moccasins, although they are leather are incredibly soft and durable.  They are perfect for my soon to be walker or if your toddler is already walking.  These moccasins are flexible and she's able to move around easily without being weighed down by big clunky shoes.  Regular shoes are stiff and just not easy to walk in for new or soon to be walkers, but these moccasins are perfect.  This time around I went up to the next size and I was a little worried that they might be to big and fall off her foot, but they are perfect and fit her really well with room to grow into. Kendall has a small & skinny foot/ankle and these moccasins fit her perfect and she cant get them off.

* The leather holds up really well with my toddler.  After wearing these for 2 weeks and crawling around in them on the tile floor and walking around in them outside, they still look brand new.  There are no wear spots at all.

The moccasins come in so many awesome colors. You can check out here website HERE and choose which color you like.  Believe me it will be a hard decision!  I wish I could have them in every color.  Here are a few of my favorites...Gold, Prince George, Steel & Radiant Orchid.

When Kendall goes out in these moccasins we get stopped by so many people to ask where we got these adorable shoes or to just say how cute she looks in them!  I mean I would have to agree with them, she looks so stinkin cute in them!

So if you want a chance to win these adorable moccasins then enter below.
This giveaway will run for a week
February 10th - 16th and I will pick a winner on Monday
(make sure you have a valid email so I can get in contact with you in case you win)

Friday, February 7, 2014

Catch the moment 365: February 1-6

I've kept up with catch the moment for more than a month now and I love it!
It feels great to take my big girl camera out and catch some great memories of my family.
At the end of this I plan to make a book of all our pictures.

This week has been a little rough, my whole house has been battling sickness.  On Thursday (1.30 - my birthday), Kaylee came down with the stomach bug and was getting sick every hour for a couple hours (great way to start my 30s), then Friday the baby caught the same stomach bug and was getting sick as well.  Saturday night rolled around and after all the kids went to bed, I got the bug and man it was not fun.  I cant remember the last time I got sick that much!  Getting sick every hour from 9pm - 6am is torture!  In between me getting sick that night Keira then started, it was horrible.  Saturday we all spent the whole day doing NOTHING but sleeping and relaxing.  By Sunday the puking had stopped but everyone wasn't back to 100%.  Kaylee went to school on Monday morning and then she developed a cough.  We went to the dr on Wednesday morning cause her cough was getting worse and not better and well guess what....she had bronchitis and an ear infection (when it rains it pours).  I'm just hoping the other 2 girls don't catch it and stay healthy.  I'm pumping everyone with orange juice and vitamins.  So since we've had a rough week I wasn't able to get awesome pictures like normal.  But I was able to get some keepers.

January 31 - This is the face I get when I say "Kendall give me a pretty smile"

 February 1 - I sat down while the girls napped to make a special something for my soon to be niece

 February 2 - Kendall snuggling with daddy while watching Supercross before he left to go back to work

February 3 - caught a sweet moment between sisters while watching TV together (sharing a chair)

 February 4 - a little sneak peek at our fireplace mantel (house tour coming soon)

February 5 - I hope your not getting tired of seeing deer pics, I cant get enough of them and I mean look at the little baby

February 6- this girl has become obsessed with looking for birds out the front door
Nurse Loves Farmer