Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Wedding Wednesday: Our Venue

When we got engaged Jason and I went back and forth on whether or not we would get married at a venue or a family member's backyard.  When I envisioned getting married I always picked myself getting married at a pretty venue with all our family and friends, having someone to help me with all the planning and just being able to have fun and not stress about everything.

I started looking at venue's and got really discouraged cause a lot of them were so expensive, I knew we wouldn't be able to afford that since Jason and I would be paying for most of the wedding (our parents are each giving us money).  After finding some really pretty places that I could totally picture us having our wedding there was shot down, we just didn't have the budget.  Yes I was upset and sad I wouldn't be getting my dream wedding but I would make a backyard wedding work.

Since the venue option was off the table we talked and talked and talked about where we were gonna have the wedding.  We had it narrowed down to 2 different options, a airport hanger or a friends beautiful backyard.  I put a lot of work into finding a caterer, getting quotes on cakes & flowers, it was a little stressful.

Then something awesome happened, Jason got his new job offer, which meant he would be making a lot more money, which meant we would now be able to afford a venue.  We still wanted to stick close to the budget we originally set for our wedding and didn't want to get to crazy with things.  So I came across Wedgewood Golf Course, it was beautiful.  I set up a meeting to go and look at it.  My meeting with them was 2 weeks before we were moving to TX.  One of my bridesmaids came with me to look at it and I knew after looking at it, that this was the place for us.  The best part about this venue was that they had different wedding packages and you are able to customize it to fit your budget.  You can take things off and add things on.

We first set our wedding date for September 20, 2014, well when I went in there to talk with the venue people they told me that September is one of the most expensive months to get married.  We chose September cause we didn't want it to be too hot and we didn't want it to be too cold.  But after hearing how much it was going to be, I was a little disappointed. 

So after hearing that we needed to come up with a new plan, Nicole told us that we could get married in November and it would be in our budget.  The cool thing about that was that they were having a winter special if you chose to get married in October 2014 - February 2015, it included money off per person, the ceremony fee waved and free up lighting.  I went home and talked with Jason to figure out what our next step would be.  I told him I really wanted to get married there and this place would be perfect. (he was already working in TX, so he hasn't seen it yet).  We talked and agreed that November would work, we then chose a date and called Nicole.

We talked with Nicole and chose to go with November 21, 2014 (a Friday, it was cheaper than Saturday) so we put our deposit down to save that date and I was so happy to have the biggest part of our wedding taken care of.  Then we got some bad news, I got a call the next day saying "we are so sorry but after I took your deposit I was putting in your info and it looks like someone put a deposit down on that date before you".  All I could think was "are you F******* kidding me!"  they apologized and said that Sunday November 23, 2014 was available and for them messing up they would take more $ off per person.  I had to call and talk to Jason since we had a plan all set out and now that plan would need to be changed.  We talked and agreed that that date would work for us.

November cant come soon enough!


  1. How beautiful! I'm so happy you found what you were looking for!

  2. wow that place is gorgeous! Seriously, you're wedding is going to be beautiful :)

  3. Wow, that is such a beautiful venue!

  4. And they have good food! :) yay for saving $$!