Friday, February 7, 2014

Catch the moment 365: February 1-6

I've kept up with catch the moment for more than a month now and I love it!
It feels great to take my big girl camera out and catch some great memories of my family.
At the end of this I plan to make a book of all our pictures.

This week has been a little rough, my whole house has been battling sickness.  On Thursday (1.30 - my birthday), Kaylee came down with the stomach bug and was getting sick every hour for a couple hours (great way to start my 30s), then Friday the baby caught the same stomach bug and was getting sick as well.  Saturday night rolled around and after all the kids went to bed, I got the bug and man it was not fun.  I cant remember the last time I got sick that much!  Getting sick every hour from 9pm - 6am is torture!  In between me getting sick that night Keira then started, it was horrible.  Saturday we all spent the whole day doing NOTHING but sleeping and relaxing.  By Sunday the puking had stopped but everyone wasn't back to 100%.  Kaylee went to school on Monday morning and then she developed a cough.  We went to the dr on Wednesday morning cause her cough was getting worse and not better and well guess what....she had bronchitis and an ear infection (when it rains it pours).  I'm just hoping the other 2 girls don't catch it and stay healthy.  I'm pumping everyone with orange juice and vitamins.  So since we've had a rough week I wasn't able to get awesome pictures like normal.  But I was able to get some keepers.

January 31 - This is the face I get when I say "Kendall give me a pretty smile"

 February 1 - I sat down while the girls napped to make a special something for my soon to be niece

 February 2 - Kendall snuggling with daddy while watching Supercross before he left to go back to work

February 3 - caught a sweet moment between sisters while watching TV together (sharing a chair)

 February 4 - a little sneak peek at our fireplace mantel (house tour coming soon)

February 5 - I hope your not getting tired of seeing deer pics, I cant get enough of them and I mean look at the little baby

February 6- this girl has become obsessed with looking for birds out the front door
Nurse Loves Farmer


  1. So sorry every has been sick lately! We are trying to get over being sick here too!

  2. These are all such great pictures!!

  3. Awesome pictures!

  4. I hope everyone is back to feeling 100% very soon! Nothing like having sick kiddos and getting sick yourself. I love the pics of the deer! They are so pretty =) And I can't wait to see your house tour!!!

  5. These pictures are lovely! Sorry to hear you've all been unwell!! Xxx

  6. Ugh, so sorry to hear everyone has been sick! I hope everyone is feeling 100% soon!!

    Love that first picture! Jealous that you get a decent facial expression when you ask for a smile - that's never happened here LOL

  7. So sorry you dealt with so much sickness this past week, hopefully its getting better - finally!! Kendall give me a pretty smile is so precious - I just adore it. Sisters sharing a chair, such sweetness. Looking outside for the birds and with the doggy helping, love it!

  8. I love the last shot --- looking for birds out the door!

  9. You are so crafty and creative! I wish we could be neighbors!

  10. I had to deal with three sick kids and myself while my husband was on a trip at the same time! Not fun! Glad you're back to normal. I love how photogenic your dog is too!