Monday, February 3, 2014

Texas Living, the first week

Leading up to our big move, friends came over to help me load up the moving truck with all of our possessions.  It took a day and half to get everything we owned packed into a 24 foot moving truck.  Once the moving truck was loaded of course we couldn't stay at our house, so I loaded up mine and the girls suit cases the ones we would live out of for the next 4 days and we headed to Jason's moms.  We had a great stay at grandma's, we spent lots of time playing outside, taking walks in the orchard with grandma after work, Kendall took her first steps and we said our good byes to some family and friends.

The week leading up to the big move, I was really nervous about the flight.  This would be all 3 of the girls first time flying and I was freaking out that I would be the parent with the screaming kids on the plane.  Friday morning (1.17.14) came really fast, that morning my stomach was in knots thinking about how the girls would do and the fact that I don't like to fly myself.  We loaded all of our luggage up and our friend Jen showed up and we headed out.  Once we got to the airport we checked in our bags and headed to security check point.  We made it through check point really fast and made our way to the gate.  It was awesome that we were able to board early cause of the kids.  We got settled in on the plane and I just hoped and prayed that the girls would do good. I hoped that the baby would take a nap and that my anxiety wouldn't get the best of me.  We took off and the first plane ride couldn't have got any better.  Our flight was less than 2 hours from CA to AZ, after the first 15 minutes Kendall fell asleep, Kaylee played with this sticker set she got and Keira colored.  They never complained about there ears hurting or anything.  I was amazed at how good they did.  We did have a little girl on that first flight that cried almost the whole time (she was about Keira's age).  We landed in AZ and made our way to the next gate, we had a very short lay over (long enough to walk to the next gate and wait 5 minutes).  We boarded the plane and switched up the seating so that both girls were able to sit with grandma.  The plane took off again, I was worried that Kendall would be restless and want to get down and do her own thing since she just slept almost the whole plane ride.  But I was wrong she fell back asleep right at take off.  This time around Kaylee hung out for a little bit and then both her and Keira fell asleep the rest of the flight from AZ to TX.  We arrived in San Antonio at 4:20pm, Jason picked up and we made the hour drive to our house. 

It was nice cause Jason was gonna be home for the next 4 days and be able to spend time with us and his family while they were here.  The first few days here were a blur, I don't even really remember them.  I remember those few 2 days that I didn't stop moving until I went to bed each night, I barely ate cause I was in unpack mode and taking care of the kids.  On Saturday night (1.18.14) we went to Salt Grass Steakhouse for dinner and met up with Jason's friends that he'd met here.  Dinner never tasted so good.  Our new friends have 3 kids, 2 girls (9 & 7) and there little guy (15 months).  The girls got along great with them and Kendall was amazed by there little guy.  They were just so sweet and the nicest people. 

We live in Hill Country so in our development we are surrounded by trees and big properties.  Also where we live there's ranch where people come to stay (there is golfing, water park, horse back riding & villas all over).  After a week it still never gets old that we see deer in our front or back yard on a daily basis.  The girls think it's the coolest thing ever!

On Monday mid morning our family and friends left to head back home.  We spent the rest of the day hanging out, unpacking and spending time with daddy before he had to leave to go back to work for the week.  I was a little nervous to be on my own, while trying to figure out my way around.

I had an apt on Wednesday morning at Kaylee's new school to get all the paper work I needed to sign her up.  She was able to meet her teacher and some of the kids in her class.  This school is gonna be really different than what she's use to.  She is in public school and she'll be attending school from 8am-3pm.  She will eat breakfast at school at 8:15 and she'll eat lunch at school and she'll even take a nap there.  She is going to be so tired when she comes home.  I just hope she can handle it.  I will miss her while she's gone all day but on the other hand it will give me a huge break from the arguing all day between Kaylee and Keira. 

The rest of the week was pretty uneventful, more unpacking and getting things organized.  Each day I hung my gallery walls in each room and I love the way they turned out.  Full house tour coming soon.  Check back to see how Kaylee's first day of school went. 

The weather in the beginning of the week started out beautiful (high 60s low 70s) and then on Thursday night we got a ice warning and possible snow!  The girls were to excited to see if there would be snow in the morning.  We woke up on Friday morning (1.24.14), there was no snow but there were icicles and the girls were just as happy about it.  It was so cold and icy that school was shut down.  But this weekend its suppose to be back up to the high 60s! YAY...

Our first week in Texas has been pretty darn good!


  1. I'm so glad to hear that you are all transitioning well! The deer must be fun for the girls. It is like that here too, and it never gets old for Emma. She loves watching them! Can't wait to see your house tour.

  2. Oh, I'm so glad that everything is going good. I love all of the deer too! I'm looking forward to your house tour!

  3. So glad the trip there was a good one! How exciting to have new friends already and for them to have kids the same age! Your property is gorgeous!

  4. Sounds like you guys are getting settled in. Welcome to Texas! I love the blog make-over too!

  5. Hey, cool ! And with fascinating pictures, too! Glad that you got to experience all that, and start off with a nice visit to your grandparents with it. Always a splendid way to begin a day of adventure and activity. Just like the good old days of childhood, full of guidance and grace.

    Johanna @ Always Best Care