Friday, January 31, 2014

Catch the moment 365: January 11-30

I love that I've been able to keep up with this so far
I love that I've picked up my DSLR way more to capture some great memories of the girls and my surroundings.
I'm hoping to keep up with this and make the girls a book of all the pictures at the end of the year.
I've combined the last 19 days, with moving and waiting for internet I wasn't able to post.

January 11
Sisterly LOVE, right after I snapped this picture Kendall gave Kaylee a kiss on her cheek

January 12
This girl has such a funny personality.  I told her to give me a pretty smile and she did this...

 January 13
Kendall loves to brush her teeth, she screams and cries when it's time to put it away

 January 14
Our moving truck all ready to be loaded with all our stuff

 January 15
Staying at grandma's until we leave for TX.  The girls love to sit out by grandma's pond and look for turtles and frogs

 January 16
Kaylee just hanging out laying on this tree in grandma's yard

 January 17
Snapped this picture of Kendall before loading up into the car to head to the airport....MOVING DAY!

January 18
The trees across from our house are pretty awesome

 January 19
Deer in our front yard, the girls think it's AWESOME! (I do too)

January 20
Everyone left to go back to CA and daddy had to go back to work, so it was just the girls and I

 January 21
This kid has my heart and is pretty amazing!

 January 22
The sunset was so beautiful!

 January 23
It is ok to be jealous of my 3 year olds natural highlights and long eye lashes!

 January 24
Woke up to icicles in the yard and on my car #texasliving

 January 25
Since moving to TX they have had some really pretty sunsets

 January 26
Kona likes to strike a pose every now and then

January 27
Even after a week in a half of living in TX, seeing deer in the front yard is still so exciting!

January 28
Keira playing Lego Duplo quietly in the play room
 January 29
Spotted deer in our yard
 January 30
CHEERS TO 30 #dirtythirty #itsmybirthday

Nurse Loves Farmer

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Let the sun shine

The girls and I had a great weekend (1/25 & 1/26)
Saturday mid morning we met up with my friend Kelly and her 3 kids and decided to take the kids to Up n Jacks, an indoor bounce house place.  We all piled into my car (thank god for the big Suburban - 6 kids and 2 adults!).  We went to Whataburger for lunch and then headed over to the bounce place.  The kids had a great time and were wore out by the time we left.  It was a beautiful Saturday and we were all happy to have the super nice weather back.

Sunday the weather was awesome!  With a high of 75, I knew the girls and I were going to spend most of the day outside.  I've learned that Texas weather is pretty weird in the winter time.  It will go from 75 one day down to 55 the next and then back up to 67 the day after...very strange!  But I was happy to get the girls outside and the dogs to enjoy the nice weather.

Overall we had a great weekend and we are now gearing up for Kaylee's first day of school.
Which means, dinner, bath, brush teeth and an early bedtime.  We gotta make it to school on time.  School starts a lot earlier here than back in CA.

 Messy Hair don't care!


Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Kaylee's first day at her new school


When your child attends there first day of school at a whole new school in a whole new state, you freak out just a little bit.  Worrying if she will be ok, worrying if she will make new friends, worrying and hoping that she wont feel like the outsider since she's the "new" kid.

Kaylee attended her first day of school today (1.27.14).
As I dropped her off this morning I hoped she'd have a good day and that there would be no tears from either of us.  I was worried cause in Texas they don't do a half day, full day schedule.  They only do a full day, and a full day is from 8am-3pm.  That's a long day for Kaylee compared to what she is use to back in CA.  She's in a big public school with a bunch of other kids.  It was a whole new world for her, she eats breakfast at school, she eats lunch in the cafeteria with all the other kids and the one good thing is that she'll still get a nap in cause they do nap time.

After dropping her off, I wondered what she was doing all day and how her day was going.  At least the day went by fast and I was so excited to go and get her at 3pm and hear all about how her first day went.  When I picked her up she looked tired and but she said she had an awesome day and had lots of fun and even made some new friends.  She already brought home some art work and some things she did throughout the day.  I am so glad she had a great first day.

Monday, January 27, 2014

Kendall is 15 months old

Kendall Morgan,

Here we are, your another month older.  The days, weeks and months just seem to pass by in the blink of an eye.  You are not my little baby anymore, you are turning into such a funny little toddler.

Your personality and the way you are, are so different compared to your sisters.  I'm hoping that since your still so calm and laid back that you'll be the one with less attitude and stubbornness. 

SLEEPING:  This month you've been off in the sleeping department.  I mean I don't blame you, you have all 4 of your molars coming in at one time (OUCH) and we made the big move to Texas and the time change has really messed with you.  You have just started to get use to it and are hopefully back to sleeping through the night again.  Those 2-3 wake up calls in the middle of the night were not fun for you or mommy.  So I'm glad we're getting back into routine.

EATING: Oh my goodness, you can put the food away!  I don't know where you put it all or how you can eat so much, but you LOVE your food.  I haven't really found anything that you don't like to eat except mushrooms.  You eat 3 meals a day and 2 snacks in between.

PERSONALITY: Your little personality is awesome.  You have become such a funny little kid.  You love to play hide and seek.  Your still very laid back and go with the flow, but you are funny.  I never knew a 15 month old could be so darn funny.  You love to make people laugh.  You have finally ended your guy strike!  You are on strike from all guys (minus daddy) holding you or being near you (this included friends and grandpa's). 

* crawling around and exploring
* picking up things and putting them into other things
* picking up things and hanging them to mommy
* being outside
* to brush your teeth each night and you even let me floss
* you've just started to like sitting in your chair and watching a little bit of TV

* having your diaper changed (you try to crawl away as soon as it comes off)
* being told NO NO
* not getting your food fast enough
* when your sisters wont let you play with them or they take something from you
* touching the grass
* sitting still for too long (you want to be on the go)

* took your first steps (1.15.14) but haven't done anymore since
* took your first airplane ride and did awesome! (1.17.14)
* you moved to a new state (TEXAS)
* you listen and follow simple commands (you listen better than your sisters do)
* you try to put on your shirts, socks & shoes
* can walk while holding mommy's hand
* You learned 2 new signs this month: BIRD & PLEASE (you now know - more, eat, all done, milk)
* You know your main body parts - eyes, nose, mouth, belly, belly button & hair

* your lovey
* having your sisters push you on your little car
* reading books
* playing with your tea set
* pushing your walker around (I love how excited you get)

* going for walks in your stroller
* looking at the deer in the yard
* swinging on the swings
* playing with babies your age (you met Hye a little boy 2 weeks older than you and you love him)
* the train table

Weight: 19lbs (home scale)
Clothes: 18 months
Shoes: size 3 (she has skinny little feet)
Diapers: size 3
Teeth: 11
Hair: brown
Eyes: dark blue


Friday, January 24, 2014

Kaylee & Keira's 1st visit to the dentist

On Monday afternoon (1.13.14) the week leading up to the big move, I made all 3 girls an apt to go see the dentist.  Kendall was just going cause she had these weird yellow lines on 2 of her teeth that were there from when they came in. (dr said they aren't cavities that they are like a freckle on her tooth & its nothing to worry about).

I got there early to fill out paperwork and the girls got there a little bit later with grandma. 
This dentist office was really cool, they had 2 big fish tanks in there with different themes (spongebob & nemo)  When they got called back, the area had really bright colored chairs and TV's for the kids to watch and animals all over.  It was really welcoming and not scary at all.  I wish when I was kid they had stuff like that, it would have been a little less frightening going to the dentist each time.  As a kid I went to the dentist a lot, not because I had a lot cavities it was because my mouth was to small for all the teeth I had and I had to get a lot of permanent teeth taken out.

Kaylee went first, she got x-rays done and she did great with those.  She wasn't scared at all.  She listened and did everything the hygienist told her to do.  She kept giving me the thumbs up which is her way of saying she's ok and she's not scared. 

After Kaylee got her xrays done, it was Keira's turn and she wasn't having it.  She started to cry and no matter who was talking to her nothing was helping.  So they had me sit in the chair and Keira sat on my lap to get the xrays they needed.  She did ok and didn't cry.  Once we got the pictures, she then sat in a chair next to Kaylee, she still wasn't really sure about what was going on.  The girls got to pick an animal that would clean there teeth, they both choose a zebra.  They showed the girls what it was going to feel like on there hand before they did it in there mouth.  Once they started doing it to Keira she was fine and did awesome.  Everyone checked out good and they were able to pick out some stickers and toys at the end.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Be brave little one, my girls first steps

Every child is different and that is so true with my girls.
Each of them are so different in their own way.

Kaylee is over dramatic, a girly girl who doesn't like to get dirty, she is my shy one, she hates to lose at anything and loves to please people.  Kaylee hit all her milestones on time.  She started walking at 14 months old and there was no stopping her.

Keira is very stubborn and hard headed, my social butterfly, a tomboy & girly, very talkative and has a love for books.  Keira hit all her milestones on time too.  She started walking the day after she turned 1 and there was no stopping her either.

Kendall is so chill and totally go with the flow, she has been my easiest out of the 3 of them, she very cautious, loves music and dancing and is ALWAYS happy.  So far Kendall has hit all her milestones except one, she is 14 months and 2 weeks and she isn't walking yet.  She has just become brave enough to start letting go and standing alone.  She only does it for a few seconds at a time but she is doing it more and more.  I hope this is a good sign that she will be walking soon...maybe!?

I am proud of all my girls accomplishments but there is a part of me that compares them to other kids.  I hate that I do that because I know each child is different and unique in their own way.  I compare the milestones, the relationships they have with their siblings.  When I see pictures posted on IG of siblings snuggling together sleeping in bed or just being sweet with each other, I think man why cant my girls be like that.  I probably shouldn't think that way cause just because that one picture looks all sweet and innocent doesn't mean that those siblings don't fight like my girls.  I don't know if the fighting between my girls is because they are so close in age or if it's just a phase they are going through.

 After my sweet girl showed her braveness a few days later at her grandmas house she took her first steps!! (1.15.14) seeing her take her first steps made me so proud and I may even have gotten teary eyed.  My baby girl is just growing up so darn fast.

Since taking her first steps and then moving, she hasn't taken any more steps since then. 

Monday, January 13, 2014

See you later...

Today we get the moving truck and over the next couple of days we will be packing it up.
Our 2 friends and 2 dogs leave on Wednesday to make the drive to Texas.
The girls and I will be staying with Jason's mom until we leave on Friday.
This week is going to be really crazy so I'm not going to have much time to blog.

So I will be taking a small break while we move and get settled in, in Texas.
Wish us luck on all 3 of the girls first plane ride!
I'm excited for this big change and I cant believe that moving week is finally here.

Friday, January 10, 2014

Catch The Moment 365: January 1-10

One of my goals for 2014 is to learn how to use my DSLR better.
Another one of my goals was to take more pictures of my girls with my big girl camera.
So when Sarah from Nurse Loves Farmer posted a picture on IG about Catch the Moment 365, taking one picture a day for the next 365 days I knew I needed to participate.  It would help me to keep 2 of my goals for the new year.  They have a FB page to keep everyone motivated to stick with it or on IG.  I love this idea.  Sarah is having a weekly link up on her blog to show off all your photos.  So here are my photos for the week.

January 1st
Attempted to little photo shoot with this beauty but this was the only picture that turned out.  She wanted to get down to play

January 2nd
I love this quote and I am going to enjoy all the little things that 2014 has in store

January 3rd
Her big blue eyes are just amazing to me

January 4th
Diva Princess in the making.  Keira loves to play dress up

January 5
A rare moment when all the girls are sitting in one place together

January 6
The girls showing love for our dog Kona

January 7
Moving boxes have taken over our house

January 8
The natural light was amazing this morning and my baby girl is getting so big!
January 9
The excitement and giggles that come from this girl while she pushes her toy brings a smile to my face
January 10
This has been a daily thing this past week.  Lots of crying and tattling going on between the big girls!

Nurse Loves Farmer