Monday, January 27, 2014

Kendall is 15 months old

Kendall Morgan,

Here we are, your another month older.  The days, weeks and months just seem to pass by in the blink of an eye.  You are not my little baby anymore, you are turning into such a funny little toddler.

Your personality and the way you are, are so different compared to your sisters.  I'm hoping that since your still so calm and laid back that you'll be the one with less attitude and stubbornness. 

SLEEPING:  This month you've been off in the sleeping department.  I mean I don't blame you, you have all 4 of your molars coming in at one time (OUCH) and we made the big move to Texas and the time change has really messed with you.  You have just started to get use to it and are hopefully back to sleeping through the night again.  Those 2-3 wake up calls in the middle of the night were not fun for you or mommy.  So I'm glad we're getting back into routine.

EATING: Oh my goodness, you can put the food away!  I don't know where you put it all or how you can eat so much, but you LOVE your food.  I haven't really found anything that you don't like to eat except mushrooms.  You eat 3 meals a day and 2 snacks in between.

PERSONALITY: Your little personality is awesome.  You have become such a funny little kid.  You love to play hide and seek.  Your still very laid back and go with the flow, but you are funny.  I never knew a 15 month old could be so darn funny.  You love to make people laugh.  You have finally ended your guy strike!  You are on strike from all guys (minus daddy) holding you or being near you (this included friends and grandpa's). 

* crawling around and exploring
* picking up things and putting them into other things
* picking up things and hanging them to mommy
* being outside
* to brush your teeth each night and you even let me floss
* you've just started to like sitting in your chair and watching a little bit of TV

* having your diaper changed (you try to crawl away as soon as it comes off)
* being told NO NO
* not getting your food fast enough
* when your sisters wont let you play with them or they take something from you
* touching the grass
* sitting still for too long (you want to be on the go)

* took your first steps (1.15.14) but haven't done anymore since
* took your first airplane ride and did awesome! (1.17.14)
* you moved to a new state (TEXAS)
* you listen and follow simple commands (you listen better than your sisters do)
* you try to put on your shirts, socks & shoes
* can walk while holding mommy's hand
* You learned 2 new signs this month: BIRD & PLEASE (you now know - more, eat, all done, milk)
* You know your main body parts - eyes, nose, mouth, belly, belly button & hair

* your lovey
* having your sisters push you on your little car
* reading books
* playing with your tea set
* pushing your walker around (I love how excited you get)

* going for walks in your stroller
* looking at the deer in the yard
* swinging on the swings
* playing with babies your age (you met Hye a little boy 2 weeks older than you and you love him)
* the train table

Weight: 19lbs (home scale)
Clothes: 18 months
Shoes: size 3 (she has skinny little feet)
Diapers: size 3
Teeth: 11
Hair: brown
Eyes: dark blue


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