Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Be brave little one, my girls first steps

Every child is different and that is so true with my girls.
Each of them are so different in their own way.

Kaylee is over dramatic, a girly girl who doesn't like to get dirty, she is my shy one, she hates to lose at anything and loves to please people.  Kaylee hit all her milestones on time.  She started walking at 14 months old and there was no stopping her.

Keira is very stubborn and hard headed, my social butterfly, a tomboy & girly, very talkative and has a love for books.  Keira hit all her milestones on time too.  She started walking the day after she turned 1 and there was no stopping her either.

Kendall is so chill and totally go with the flow, she has been my easiest out of the 3 of them, she very cautious, loves music and dancing and is ALWAYS happy.  So far Kendall has hit all her milestones except one, she is 14 months and 2 weeks and she isn't walking yet.  She has just become brave enough to start letting go and standing alone.  She only does it for a few seconds at a time but she is doing it more and more.  I hope this is a good sign that she will be walking soon...maybe!?

I am proud of all my girls accomplishments but there is a part of me that compares them to other kids.  I hate that I do that because I know each child is different and unique in their own way.  I compare the milestones, the relationships they have with their siblings.  When I see pictures posted on IG of siblings snuggling together sleeping in bed or just being sweet with each other, I think man why cant my girls be like that.  I probably shouldn't think that way cause just because that one picture looks all sweet and innocent doesn't mean that those siblings don't fight like my girls.  I don't know if the fighting between my girls is because they are so close in age or if it's just a phase they are going through.

 After my sweet girl showed her braveness a few days later at her grandmas house she took her first steps!! (1.15.14) seeing her take her first steps made me so proud and I may even have gotten teary eyed.  My baby girl is just growing up so darn fast.

Since taking her first steps and then moving, she hasn't taken any more steps since then. 


  1. Go K!!! No worries momma, she is perfect in every way! All of your girls are:)

  2. Yay Kendall! My nephew Sawyer didn't start walking until 15 months old...she'll do it in her own time! :-)

  3. My girls were late in walking too, Sam walked at 15 months, Emma at 22 months!! They are so different! That's awesome she took some steps! I bet she's off and running in no time :)

  4. So sweet! Emmerson has been very slow with her milestones thus far but I feel so differently about it than I did with Donovan. With him, I felt like I had all the time to just sit there and encourage each new phase. I was so eager for him to sit up, crawl, stand, walk… With Emme, I'm just grateful that she's taking her sweet time. Her first 7 months have flown by way too fast for my liking. I kind of like the slower pace of things. I can't even begin to imagine what it'd be like with a third. You're such a great Momma! Oh, and PS my brother and I were 4 years apart and fought constantly growing up… Now we're SO close! Take it all with a grain of salt. Everything they're doing is so normal and will someday make for beautiful memories. :)

  5. Go kendall! Don't you worry about her milestones... she is perfect and she will be walking in no time! And as far as the other two, I'm sure you have seen the pictures of my girls crazy close relationship and how they are crazy about each other, but they are that way now... they will probably be enemies when they are teenagers :) So again, don't you worry! You are doing everything right! Speaking of doing stuff right... where oh where did you get those little brown chairs and that orange rug?! LOVE THEM BOTH!

  6. I love keira. She reminds me of my little angel Nohemy (she is in the heaven now). I would like adopt a child in USA. Can u help me joey?