Wednesday, January 1, 2014

A big surprise homecoming...

A few days before our big surprise was less than exciting.
Saturday morning I had went and looked at a wedding venue with a girlfriend and Kendall.  Grandma took the older girls for the day.  The venue was beautiful and it may be the perfect spot for our wedding (more on that in a different post).
When I got back home the baby and I went grocery shopping and I could tell she was starting to not feel well.  She had developed a runny nose and a cough.  She was running a temp of 100-101 but I thought it was due to her teething. Once we returned home from shopping I gave her some medicine and she laid down for a nap.  I really new she wasn't feeling good when she took a 4 hour nap.

Grandma had dropped off the big girls later that afternoon and Keira had the same thing the baby did, a runny nose and a cough.  Great both kids are getting sick right before Christmas.  I gave Keira some cough medicine and turned on a movie for them.  Everyone went to bed early including myself and I hoped that I wouldn't get sick.

That night the baby didn't sleep at all!  At all, she was up most of the night crying.  I feel a sleep on the couch that night because all her coughing was waking me up.  At 12:30am she wouldn't go back to sleep so I brought her out on the couch with me where she tossed and turned and cried.  I felt bad cause I didn't know what to do for her.  She still had a temp, the medicine wasn't working.  She didn't want a bottle or food so I knew something was up.  We all relaxed on Sunday not really doing anything.  I was just trying to get the girls better.  Kendall's cough was getting worse and her temp was still there.  Keira was starting to feel better but still had a cough, no fever.

We stayed in our pj's all day and did nothing.  I should have been packing but I started to feel crappy, I didn't know if it was from the lack of sleep the night before or if I was really getting sick.  The girls all went down for a nap and so did I.  Everyone woke up in a good mood.  The baby still didn't want anything to do with food and would only drink little bits of her bottle at a time (which if you know Kendall this is not like her at all, she loves her food and her bottles).  I just tried to get her to drink something at least, I didn't want her to get dehydrated.  Again everyone went to bed early that night.

When Kendall woke up Monday morning with a fever still, her cough sounding worse and her breathing had become very rapid I knew I needed to make her an apt to be seen.  I called urgent care cause our regular clinic didn't have any apt available.  She was very clingy and only wanted to be held.  I savor all those little moments cause I knew once she got better she wouldn't want to snuggle at all.  She didn't want to play, she only drank a little bit of her bottle and jus wanted to lay on me.  I had sent Jason a text to let him know what was going on.  He was off cause they had finished there last well and the rig was being moved which meant he had 7+ days off.

I took Kendall in for her apt, she still had a fever.  The dr came in and did a really good check, listening extra close to her chest and lower back area.  Her cough sounded different than when she had bronchitis.  The dr listened for what seemed like forever and it got me a little worried.  I asked if everything was ok and he said she had pneumonia, not something a parent wants to hear.  He told us we needed to go get an xray done to see how bad it was, again not something a parent wants to hear.

After her apt I made some calls and thought I was kinda strange that I couldn't get ahold of Jason and he hadn't checked in with me to see if the baby was alright.  He later texted me and said his phone was at 1% and would call me later, he asked if the baby was ok.  We then went over to get the xrays done, we were in and out of there in 15 minutes.  The baby did good, mom did good and the big girls were good talking to all the nurses.  I then went to pick up her Rx and head home to put her down for a much needed nap after her long day.

She only slept for a little bit before waking up and again just wanting to lay on me.  I felt so bad for my girl.  This is the sickest that any of my girls have ever been.  I just wanted her to be better, but I was loving the snuggles with her.  I was sitting on the couch with her as she was drifting back to sleep and the big girls were being good watching a movie.  Our friend Jason pulled up out front which I thought was weird that he just randomly stopped by without calling like he usually does.  I hadn't been able to get a hold of Jason at all and was starting to get mad.  Like 5 minutes after our friend arrived I was asking him if he'd been able to get a hold of Jason and the way he was acting was suspicious and was throwing up red flags like he was up to something.  Then not 2 minutes later the front door opens.....


I was so glad to see him and so were the girls.  It was the best Christmas present and best surprise ever.  Seeing him walk through the door my heart dropped and in that moment I was so excited to see him and have him home.  That meant that we didn't have to spend Christmas without him.  He had this little plan all planned out 4 days prior to coming.  I didn't care I was just so glad to have him home.

Kendall was so excited to see daddy, she woke up right when she heard his voice when he walked in the door.  As soon as she saw him she pushed off me to get to him, her little eyes lite up and she had the biggest smile on her face.  It was the sweetest thing I'd ever seen.  Kaylee and Keira were so excited to see daddy too.

We spent the rest of the night snuggled up on the couch watching movies before heading to bed.  We spent Christmas Eve at home just hanging out trying to get the girls better before Christmas Day.  Jason didn't tell his family that he was here he was going to surprise them too on Christmas Day.  Thanks to the medicine and Kendall being constipated she was awake all night literally crying off and on all night.  She was in bed with us and Jason slept and tried to help me but Kendall and I slept none.

Christmas morning rolled around and I was exhausted and beyond tired.  I got up and got myself ready while the girls were sleeping (except Kendall, she laid in bed with daddy).  I then got the older girls ready and the baby last.  We then headed out to Jason's grandma's house about an hour away.  I tried to sleep in the car on the way up there but I couldn't.  I wasn't really hungry when I got there but forced myself to eat something.  The big girls ran around and played while Kendall stuck close to me.  She did hit a big milestone by standing alone for the longest time yet (20 seconds) and then standing up on her own and letting go of me by herself.  She was so proud of herself.  We then passed out the gifts and everyone opened them.  The baby was getting really cranky and I started to really feel crappy too.  I started to get body aches all over and a really bad headache.  I laid on the couch for a bit.  The baby was upstairs taking a nap.  Awhile had passed and I looked at my phone it was 2:15 we should have already left his grandma's to get back in town to go to our next destination.  So we all said our good byes (everyone was shocked to see Jason) and loaded everyone up.  Everyone took a nap on the way home including myself.  After sleeping for a little bit I felt a little better but still pretty crappy.  We stopped by our house cause I had to get the babies medicine.  I took some medicine and made sure to drink lots of water.  When we made it to Jason's other grandma's house I started to feel a little better, not so much achiness.  Jason's grandma was so surprised to see him, I thought she was going to cry.  We then saw him moms new car pull up and told Jason to wait outside.  When only his step dad and brother walked in we were disappointed, his mom wasn't coming (she was really sick too before Christmas).  Jason walked through the front door and we had to tell him that his mom wasn't there but he sure did surprise his step dad.  They called his mom and she was so upset she missed it.  But he went over to her house to visit before coming back for Christmas dinner and presents.

Christmas came to an end and I was so glad that we were able to spend it with daddy.  I was glad he was able to see the joy on the girls faces as they opened each of there presents.  We then spent the next week enjoying every minute with daddy.  Saturday night had come which meant that the next morning daddy would be leaving to head back to Texas.  The week went by way to fast and I wanted it to last a little bit longer, but I knew in 18 short days we would be in Texas with him.

That's right I have 18 days to pack up the rest of my house!  It might be little easier if I didn't have 2 toddler unpacking toys and things I've packed.