Friday, January 24, 2014

Kaylee & Keira's 1st visit to the dentist

On Monday afternoon (1.13.14) the week leading up to the big move, I made all 3 girls an apt to go see the dentist.  Kendall was just going cause she had these weird yellow lines on 2 of her teeth that were there from when they came in. (dr said they aren't cavities that they are like a freckle on her tooth & its nothing to worry about).

I got there early to fill out paperwork and the girls got there a little bit later with grandma. 
This dentist office was really cool, they had 2 big fish tanks in there with different themes (spongebob & nemo)  When they got called back, the area had really bright colored chairs and TV's for the kids to watch and animals all over.  It was really welcoming and not scary at all.  I wish when I was kid they had stuff like that, it would have been a little less frightening going to the dentist each time.  As a kid I went to the dentist a lot, not because I had a lot cavities it was because my mouth was to small for all the teeth I had and I had to get a lot of permanent teeth taken out.

Kaylee went first, she got x-rays done and she did great with those.  She wasn't scared at all.  She listened and did everything the hygienist told her to do.  She kept giving me the thumbs up which is her way of saying she's ok and she's not scared. 

After Kaylee got her xrays done, it was Keira's turn and she wasn't having it.  She started to cry and no matter who was talking to her nothing was helping.  So they had me sit in the chair and Keira sat on my lap to get the xrays they needed.  She did ok and didn't cry.  Once we got the pictures, she then sat in a chair next to Kaylee, she still wasn't really sure about what was going on.  The girls got to pick an animal that would clean there teeth, they both choose a zebra.  They showed the girls what it was going to feel like on there hand before they did it in there mouth.  Once they started doing it to Keira she was fine and did awesome.  Everyone checked out good and they were able to pick out some stickers and toys at the end.


  1. Pretty rad buncha gifts she got at the end of it. A lot of adults would wish they were treated in the same way as she was, given the persistent fear of dentists heh. Anyways, it's all subjective. The pain may seem like a mental obstacle amid all that, but I guess it's all worth it.

    Maple Park Dental

  2. So you know in my childhood i also has fear of dentist because there clinic atmosphere is totally different and there dress up as well...

  3. she is so pretty...its really nice to see now not worried or has fear to visit dentist clinic...Thanks for sharing wonderful article.

  4. Dentists specializing in children, like the one you visited, are now making ways to stop that scary image of dentists. It's a good idea to promote oral hygiene at an early age. The better the teeth are, the less scary a visit to the dentist becomes.
    Florence Sparks @

  5. Oh how it must be for most kids going to the dentist; the unknown. Hay I am much older and I am still scared of the thought of the dentist. The girls did very well.
    The dental offices today are so much smarter. They have staff who can communicate with the kids and lessen their fears, they use toys and props to put them at ease, very comfortable office for the kids and they tell and show them what they are about to do. Just wish my dental office was like that when I was young.

  6. I have to agree with Florence here. Pediatric dentists are constantly looking for ways to make children as comfortable as possible, especially if it's their first visit. Dentists should have the finesse and empathy to make the children feel comfortable.

    Sammy Bill

  7. Your story is so cute. I smiled the whole time I was reading it. Looks like you have two great girls on your hands. Thank you for sharing their going to the dentist story. I remember being scared at the dentist as well. What I do remember is the waiting room also had a big fish tank in it.

    Joanna @ Westheimer Dentist

  8. Wow! What brave girls. I took my son to the dentist for the first time and he rather enjoyed it also. After he got his initial exam and cleaning, he got to dig through the treasure chest for a "prize". He was very proud to come home and show mommy.

    Jon Mack @ Gentle Dental Online