Monday, January 6, 2014

Pretty Pretty Princesses

The other morning Keira brought out the girls new dress up trunk they got for Christmas.
I thought it would be fun to dress up Kendall and take some pictures of her, it was her first time in dress up stuff and she looked adorable!  Once Keira saw Kendall she wanted to get dressed up too.

I attempted a sister photo shoot with them together but Kendall wasn't having it.  She didn't want to sit still with Keira long enough to get some pictures.  So separate pictures it was.  The older girls love dressing up, so I cant wait to see all of them dressed up together and playing.  I can see lots of princess pretend play once we move and get settled in. 


As of Saturday 1.4.14 we have 13 days till we board a plane and make the 5 hour flight to Texas.  I'm a little nervous about the flight and how all 3 girls will do.  This will be the first time that all of them have flown.  I am so glad that Jason's mom and step dad are coming with me to help.  If anyone has any advice I would gladly accept it!

I feel bad cause our days have been pretty boring for the girls.  We haven't been doing much of anything cause I'm trying to get this house all packed up.  We get the rental truck on the 13th and it's leaving to make the drive to TX on the 15th.  So really I only have 10 days to get the rest of this house packed up.  Tuesday 1.14.14, the girls and I will be headed to Jason's mom to stay with them until we move.

I am still a little nervous about this move and that I wont have Jason's mom right around the corner if I need her to watch the girls or to just take the girls for me when I need a break.  I will get a small break when Kaylee starts school once we get there and the girls will be starting tumbling once we get there too.  They are excited to start tumbling class and to make some new friends. 


  1. Look at those girls eyes! Such beautiful little princesses, makes me want to try for another girl!! We live in Texas, don't sweat it, Texas is the best! ;) Best of luck to you!

  2. LOVE the pick of Keira in the shades!!

  3. Cute! They all have so much hair compared to Brielle haha...I think Brielle is going to have her little bit of thin baby hair forever!

  4. Love the princess pictures!!!

    And good luck with the packing and will all be over soon and you'll be with your hubby to be and back together as a family =)