Friday, October 30, 2015

How Kendall spent her {THIRD} Birthday

As her big day approached I became a little more nostalgic than normal,  I want her to stay my little baby forever.  I'm not sure if it's because she's my last baby that I want her to stay little a little while longer or what. I loved that as her third birthday approached she became more snuggly and wanted me more than normal, hey I wasn't complaining at all.  I just soaked up every minute of it. 

The night before her birthday I tucked her in and hugged her a little tighter with some tiers in my eyes, I know such a sap right!?  After saying good night I wanted her to be surprised in the morning so I put up some streamers around the house and some balloons.

The morning of my sweet girls birthday, it was 7:10am and it was still dark outside but I heard the sweetest little voice enter into my room saying "good morning mommy".  It's always the best way to wake up.  Her big sisters followed shortly after and were excited to scream "Happy Birthday Kendall", she then smiled big and said "thank you".  I told them to wait in my room to make sure that the decorations were still in tact.  I then said for Kendall to come first and the big girls to follow behind so that I could see her reaction.  She was so excited which made me so happy.

As a birthday tradition for each of the girls on there birthday we get donuts and sing.  I stacked three donuts up for her age and put her crazy candles in and we called daddy so that we could sing as a family.  She indulged in her glazed donuts and then we took her sisters to school.

After returning from dropping her sisters off the birthday girl wanted to take a bath and play with bath toys.  This was special for her since we usually take showers and mommy likes to get bath time over and done with fast!  So we pulled out a new bath toy that she got for Christmas last year, see we don't do bathes.  She loved it and thought it was the greatest thing, she played in the bath for a good 45 minutes before we washed and got out to get dressed.

It was an overcast and not so sunny day so we picked an adorable birthday outfit for my girly.  Since I loved Kendall's outfit so much we of course had to go outside for a mini photo shoot.
Headband is from @shelbychicboutique (found on instagram or at,
Cardigan is from Old Navy,
Shirt is from @ciao_co (instagram or
Jeans are from @lovesickthreads (
Moccs Boots are from @radmoccs (

After our mini photo shoot the birthday wanted a fake tattoo on that we had gotten from a sweet IG shop @duckystreet ( they sell the cutest sheets of tattoos for kids and I guess adults could wear them too (yes mommy even has one at the order of the birthday girl).  After getting her tattoo she requested pizza and a granola bar with juice for lunch, what the birthday wants the birthday girl gets!

After eating lunch we loaded up in the car and went to pick up Keira from school.  Kendall wanted to go play at park with some of the other kids from school like we do on most days.  We played at the park for an hour before the other kids & parents decided to leave.  We left and went to a different park close by cause we had to be back at the school in 40 minutes to pick Kaylee up.  The girls loved the new park we went to cause we've never been there before and mommy loved it cause she found a new awesome photo spot to take pictures at.  The birthday girl and Keira ran, swung and went down the slide a bunch of times. 

We then left the park and went to go pick up Kaylee from school.  Kendall always loves the attention she gets at the girls school, everyone ohs and ahs her and says how stinkin cute she is and how cute her outfits are.  After getting the girls we headed home and the girls went down for a nap.  While the girls napped I made cupcakes.  Once the girls woke up we headed with daddy over to the new house to paint some more and wait for friends to come over. Kendall requested Mexican food for dinner and she got a quesadilla.  Our friends came over to help paint and to help celebrate our girl.

We sang Happy Birthday and enjoyed cupcakes for the birthday girl.  All in all I would say she had a great birthday. Now it's time to move and get things in order for Kendall & Keira's joint Unicorn Party on 11/14.


Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Kendall is THREE!

October 27th, 2012 our world was complete when you arrived and you were the final piece to our family puzzle.  You completed our family and we cant imagine not having you here with us.  You've made life fun, trying, exciting & filled with joy.

On October 24th, 2012 I thought you were trying to make your entrance into the world a whole week in a half early.  I was filled with excitement and nerves, not knowing what to expect and how this delivery would go.  My contractions were intense and we walked the halls, when I entered the hospital I was dilated 2cm and was hoping the 2 hours we were at the hospital that I would've made progress.  But much to my disappointment there was no change so they sent us home.  I was sad, relieved, disappointed and all over the other emotions that come with being sent home when you think your going to have a baby that day. 

But much to my surprise on October 26th at 11:15pm my contractions started and almost 3 years later I can remember everything so vividly.  I was the only one awake while everyone else was soundly sleeping.  I remember my contractions were manageable if I swayed back and forth while focusing on TV, it helped keep my mind off the slight pain.  By 4:15am the contractions were so bad and I knew it was time to wake the hubby up and take the girls to grandmas and get to the hospital;.  We got to the hospital, I got checked in and the nurse checked me and I was already 7cm.  3 in a half hours after getting to the hospital you made your entrance.  Since that day these 3 years have seem to pass in the blink of an eye.

It may be a last baby thing but I wish time would slow down a little bit so that I can enjoy you as a baby as long as I can.  I miss the baby stage with you, no I don't miss the sleepless nights, but I do miss those snuggly newborn days.  I am beyond blessed that I've been able to stay home with you and watch every single milestone you've done, all the crazy things you do and that personality that shines as bright as a star.

Happy 3rd Birthday Kendall Morgan! 
Mommy, Daddy & your sisters love you to the moon & back

Favorite Color: PURPLE
Favorite Cartoon: PAW PATROL
Favorite Toy: LOVEY
Favorite Food: SPAGHETTI
Favorite Drink: LEMONADE
What do you want to be when you grow up: DOCTOR
Favorite Animal: GIRAFFE


Friday, October 16, 2015

Pumpkin Patch 2015

I look forward to the pumpkin patch every year with the girls.
To see the excitement with each new year.  This year we went with friends which made it made that much more fun for the girls and us parents too.

The girls had a lot of fun running around, petting the animals and picking out pumpkins.  Now the fun part....CARVING the pumpkins.