Monday, January 16, 2012

Scences from our weekend

FRIDAY {January 13th} : We didn't have much planned for the day.  Mommy has been doing her research on which sewing machine I'm going to get with my birthday money I've been asking people to give me.  I'm pretty sure I have the one I want picked I just have to wait till Jan. 30th for my birthday to get here.  I got the girls dressed and in doing so didn't realized I dressed them in the same colors.  So we did what we do on any normal day, we did a photo shoot.  Although Kaylee wasn't really into the photoshoot, so I got some cute ones of Little Miss instead.  Daddy spent most of the day in the garage helping Uncle Josh work on his truck.  The girls took a nice nap and had a snack before Grandma came to pick up Kaylee.  Keira is always so sad when Kaylee leaves on Friday's, it's so sad!

SATURDAY {January 14th}:  Kaylee had spent the night at Grandma's house friday night, so we all slept till almost 9.  Keira slept in till 9:45am.  So I spent some one on one time with Kaylee, we sang ABCs which she can sing all by herself PROUD!  Once Keira woke up the girls played wrestled nicely while I made my list of things I needed to get at Michael's for Kaylee's party.  We then ate some lunch and the girls took a nap in seperate rooms (I've been having problems with Kaylee getting out of her bed and keeping Keira awake, so I moved Keira to the spare room in the pack n play and they both took a great nap).

While the girls took a nap I took my shower and got myself ready in peace!
Is it weird for me to be wearing my daughter's hair bows in my own hair?! Cause I did!!

After the girls woke up from their nap, I got them ready cause we were heading out to Jason's aunts house for cousin Grace (7) and Alexia (18) birthday party.  But before leaving we did a little photoshoot.  Kaylee wasn't really having it.


Here are the outtakes to get one good picture of them together

We stayed at the party for about 2 hours before leaving to head home to eat dinner.  The girls had fun playing and making new friends.  They spent lots of time with Grandma and looking out the window at the kitty cat that was outside.

We ate dinner, watched a little bit of cartoons, listened to Kaylee sing a long with the cartoon songs and I then put the girls to bed for the night!  Mommy relaxed in quietness while watching Wipeout and then the Miss America Pageant.

SUNDAY {January 15th}:  We all got to sleep in a little bit, Kaylee didn't come into our room till 8.  We turned cartoons on for her and we all got up at 8:30 when Keira woke up.  We headed downstairs ate breakfast and then the girls and I played in the playroom for a little bit.  We played for about an hour in a half before coming into the living room for a little snack and to watch a movie before the girls went down for a nap.

While the girls napped, I cleaned up around the house and put the dreaded laundry away.  It's been clean and sitting in the baskets since last Monday.  The really nice weather we've been having the last 14 days is slowly going away.  It's not as nice today as it has been, its windy and colder.
Kaylee woke up from her nap around 3 and came downstairs, we went outside to hang out and dad and step mom had stopped by to say hi.  So we chatted with them for a little bit, Kaylee made her rounds sitting with me and Uncle Josh.  She loves her Uncle Josh.  Grandpa left and we came inside to watch some cartoons and wait for sissy to wake up.  I took a few cute pictures of Kaylee and she actually coroperated in taking them, no fights or crying.

After eating In N Out for dinner the girls did a little reading and relaxing.  Kaylee got a leap pad that she loves, she loves when they read the stories to her.  So she's been playing with that almost every day.  Keira is turning into my little book worm.  The kid always has a book in her hand.  She loves to sit there and look at all the pictures.  It's so cute.

We've had a great weekend.  Daddy has to go into work for a little bit today and then might have a few more days off during the week, its suppose to rain Thursday to Sunday.  We've really enjoyed all this time with daddy.  It's going to be weird when he goes back to working everyday.  He builds pools so there are times when he has time off waiting for things to get done.  Which is why he's had this week off.

* * * * * *

I've also decided to join another photo challange.  It's project 52 with Paint the Moon, I did it with her last year but didn't finish it.  So I'm joining in at week 3.  Its a weekly challange, on Sunday's she'll announce a new theme for that week.  This week's theme is White Space or Everyday Tools.  She also is doing a kids version of it led by her 6 year old daughter.  This would be fun to do with Kaylee, but I don't think she's quite old enough yet. 

* * * * * *

Also don't forget only a few more days to ASK ME ANYTHING, you have until Wednesday and I will be posting my answers on Thursday....maybe I'll even answer them in vlog form...what do you think?

HERE is where you can go to ask me the questions!  Come on don't be afraid, I don't bite!!!


  1. I am so jealous that your girls sleep in! C is up for the day usually before the sun is!

  2. Soo cute!
    p.s. just passed on an award to you on my blog :)

  3. How cute--love their coordinating outfits at the beginning :-)

    Raya loves to sing the ABC song now too!

  4. Their eyes are beautiful! I am so glad you're getting a sewing machine, can't wait to see what you come up with. You should totally do a vlog!

  5. Your girls are so adorable & they have such pretty eyes. Love all of the pics. that sepia one of Kaylee making the silly face is ADORABLE! Where did you find those lace leggings shes wearing in the first pic? Love those!