Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Dr. Kaylee is in the house

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I am doing my first ever guest post for Britt at Gettin' Fritzy With It, I'll be talking about the exciting and not exciting times going from 1 baby to 2.
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If you need a Dr just call give Kaylee a call, she makes house calls.
She decided she wanted to play Dr. and have Keira and her barbies be her patients
It was so cute to watch, she was really gentle with Keira.
And Keira enjoyed it too, she sat there and let Kaylee do all the steps.
Watching them play so nicely together makes me so happy!
Kaylee imagination is really expanding and love hearing her talk to her dolls and pretend.

Dr. Kaylee is in the house!

lets check your temp, you got a happy face

blood pressure check

Listening to you, you all better

Let me look in your ears, Keira

A shot and then a bandaid to help you!

Hugs from the Dr for being such a good pacient!
After Keira was done, it was barbies turn to be a pacient with Dr. Kaylee

After Kaylee was done playing Dr. she wanted me take some pictures of her and sissy.  So I was happy to do it cause it's not everyday she wants me to take pictures of her.  Plus its been like a week in a half since I took pictures with my DSLR (it was feeling neglected).  My mom made the shirt that Kaylee is wearing, its a cute little peasant top.  After 5 days of rain, it has finally stopped raining and its suppose to get back into the mid 60s again this week.  Then the rain is suppose to return.  We might be able to head outside to play this week, if its not to cold.




  1. Your girls are so beautiful and getting so big!!

    Lidia says the same thing when she plays doctor "you all better! you need a happy face!" so cute!

    and yay for your guest post!!

  3. Looks like f un! Raya doesn't have a doctor kit...maybe she needs one! :-)

  4. What a great little doctor! Looks like she's got the whole routine down pretty good. So cute!

  5. haha thats the cutest, and seriously love how your oldest poses for the pics!

  6. Dr. Kaylee is just too cute! So fun:)

  7. omg, when can we get our kids together? They would have a ball. Such sweet captured moments of sisterly love!