Monday, January 9, 2012

Scences from our Sunday

We had a low key Sunday, we spent time our time around the house.
we played inside for a little bit where Kaylee wanted all of us to wear Mr. Potato Heads glasses, we went grocery shopping, put the girls down for a nap, my dad came over for a visit, the girls woke up from a nap and came outside to play because it was 60 dregrees outside....yep 60. 

The weather around here is crazy!  Since it's suppose to be nice again today we are taking the girls to the park to play.

We played outside yesterday till it was almost dark.  The girls enjoyed walking/running around.
It was nice to sit outside and not freeze your butt off.  It was a great day.


I did a little photoshoot with the girls in the morning using the awesome natural light that was shinning through our windows.  Kaylee colored a little and Keira read a book.  Keira is obsessed with these tiny books we have, they are like perfect size for her.


We had a great weekend and are trying to plan lots of fun things to do with the girls while the hubs has this week off.  Today our fun thing is the PARK.  Tomorrow is the RV show and the old school toy store.  We haven't figured out the rest of the week yet.

* * * * * * *

In other exciting news, Keira is drinking from a sippy cup full time....NO MORE BOTTLES!!
I am so glad that we found a sippy cup she likes and will drink out of.
We've tried all the sippy cups that Kaylee already has, but Keira didn't like any of them.
So the ones she likes are from the $1.00 bin at WalMart.
Sippy cups are so much easier, she's getting so big!


  1. yaya for no bottle!! love all the pictures.. stunning

  2. I love that knit cap. So cute.

  3. The pictures with the natural light are just gorgeous! Keira really looks like she is growing up! That's great that you found a sippy cup she likes. I'm sure it was a great feeling to get rid of the bottle for good!

  4. How sweet- I love all of those photos! And good for her for drinking out of a sippy cup, we just got E there too and it is so much easier :)

  5. I just stumbled across your blog and I love it!! You have a beautiful family

  6. oh my goodness your little girls are adorable! those blue eyes are KILLER!

  7. YAY for sippy cups!!!!! Sounds like you guys had a fun weekend...and as ALWAYS...I just adore all of your pics of the girls...they are beautiful!!!

  8. I've been kind of MIA from your blog. Your girls are seriously so beautiful. I love all the pictures. The ones in your new banner are awesome.

    It's nice to hear Keira is done with bottles. I had someone tell me that they use bottles for a long time yet, but I always thought they switched to sippy cups shortly after their birthday. I'm just learning as I go :)

  9. This is terrible, but Carly STILL has a bottle. I KNOW! I'm awful but she's never liked sippy cups. TODAY is THE DAY she's getting rid of it. I may try the one you got for Keira!!

    Its been so nice here too (In IOWA?!) 60's today and we've been outside also, I love it!!