Monday, January 23, 2012

Miscellany Monday!

1. We had a pretty low key weekend, we spent much of our time around the house due to the nasty cold and rainy weather.  We did venture out on Sunday to go to the grocery store, Michaels, and WalMart.  I had a great time making silly faces with the girls per Kaylee's request!


2. "You've got a friend in me"  Our tickets are booked to go see Disney on Ice: Toy Story 3, Saturday February 11th.  The girls are going to be so excited.  We're not telling Kaylee, she's going to be so surprised.  My dad and step mom are coming with us.  It should be lots of fun!

3. Here is our Project 365 Week 3 - we had a great week.  We spent time outside while the weather was still nice, I became the tickle monster, we celebrated my dad's birthday, we spent more time outside, we then suited up in our warm clothes cause the weather turned nasty, Kaylee watched TV with her toys and the girls read books together (nicely)!

4. There is only 7 more days till I'll be celebrating my birthday!  I'm excited cause on Friday friends from Vegas will be here, so we're going out to dinner with them and a few other freidns.  So that will be nice.  Also it means I only need to wait 7 more days to get my sewing machine!  I've been pinning a lot of different sewing tutorials on Pinterest.

5. The hubs and I are doing a trial run on making cupcakes and cake pops for Kaylee's birthday.  I know there's 4 months till her party, but we want to make sure we get things right and I hate waiting till the last minute to do things.  I've also started making things for her party too.  I've completed her banner, started on the centerpieces and have tons of notes on different things to make.  Sorry there will be no sneak peeks of her party until the actual day! 

6.  The weather these past 4 days has been NO FUN!  It's been really windy and raining.  So I've been trying to do different activities with the girls so that they don't get bored.  We've also been watching LOTS of disney movies!

7.  I finally started working on Keira's 1st year book.  I am almost done with writing part of it and now I need to go through the millions of pictures I have of her on the harddrive to pick the ones I want in her book.  I will then slowly work on Kaylee's books.  I have to do year 1 & 2 for her!  Good thing I wrote everything down.  I can wait to have these books and be able to look back on them.  Plus using MixBook is so much faster and easier than doing a whole scrapbook.  I use to love to scrapbook, but I find it to time consuming with two little ones.  So these books will work better for us and they might end up being cheaper.

8.  This week I'll be back with more exciting posts, I promise.  I haven't picked up my DSLR in what feels like forever.  So there will be more photoshoots with the girls and hopefully some fun things to post about.  I have to get all the use out of Picnik as I can to edit my pictures before it says good bye forever and I'm forced to learn how to use my photoshop!


  1. i love making books for E! they are so awesome to look back on... i have 2 done, and i have 2 more to go {its soooo hard for me to pick pictures!}

  2. Oh the books I have so far for Emma Claire are my favorite thing I've done. I can't wait to hear about your books, maybe you'll do a post on them! :-)Love the silly faces and glasses, priceless. And I see you've switched your 365 to the iphone app....I still have to find something for me, I'm not getting my iphone for a while...hmmm :-) Hopefully I can find something!

  3. LOVE this! I make a lot of stuff online with Heritage Makers... it is like Online scarpboking but even better in my opinion, loving your blog!

  4. Love your pics!! So adorable, always!