Tuesday, January 3, 2012

My Goals for 2012

We're 3 days into 2012 and it started off a little crappy for the hubs. 
He got sick and now I'm hoping that the girls and I don't get what he had.

I've set some goals that I'd like to do or learn to do in 2012.
I'm sure I will add to this as the year goes on and things will change cause life doesn't follow the lists you make. 

* The biggest goal for us in 2012 is buying our first house.
We've been saving up and we will be starting the exciting process at the end of this month.
I am really excited and cant wait to start looking
I'm hoping to find something that fits our family perfectly
So fingers crossed for an easy and fun buying experience for us
I cant wait to pick paint colors, decorate and just make it OURS!

* Now that the girls are getting bigger we want to take more family vacations and do more fun things with the girls.  Even if that means just taking little day trips somewhere, its not about where we go as long as we're having a good time as a family and making memories.  Our first family vacation coming up this year is in March, we're going to Pismo Beach for 4 days.  I'm excited to see the girls in the sand now that their older, last time we went to Pismo Keira was 3.5 months old (hopefully she doesn't eat to much sand).  We might go to Vegas in April to visit some friends before they move to Texas.  In July we are headed to Capitola for a week long beach vacation with Jason's parents.  Each year his mom does a family vacation somewhere (usually we go to the snow) but now that we have the girls we go somewhere warm and fun for them too.  So I'm excited to spend a week at the beach, our beach house is right on the water.

Here's my little list of goals

So I'm excited to see what 2012 has in store for our family
Here's to having fun and being silly with my girls!


  1. great goals! I can't wait to hear about your house hunting process.

  2. Great list! Hope your house hunting process is fun for you--it's always been so stressful for me lol...partly because Lee and I have a hard time agreeing on anything! :-)

  3. I love all your goals! Heres to a happy 2012 and hoping you and the girls dont catch our hubbs sickness lol

  4. Great list! :) Buying a house is such an exciting (and exhausting) process. Good luck on the hunt! & Happy 2012 to you and your beautiful little girls. I hope this year brings you guys all the best. :)

  5. Great list! :)
    New follower from instagarm, hope you get to 100 asap:)

  6. Great goals!! As always, your daughters look cute as ever!! :)