Thursday, January 5, 2012

To much cuteness

So as one of my goals for 2012 is to learn how to sew.
I guess in order to even make it that far I have to actually get a sewing machine!
Might help, right?!

I am totally clueless when it comes to a good sewing machine and what kind I should get.
So for all you sewers out there, what is a good sewing machine for a total beginner?
I need to do some research cause I don't know the first thing about sewing but I would love to learn.
My mom is an awesome sewer and sews all the girls cute skirts and dresses.
I want to be able to sew some really cute things for the girls and be able to sew other things as well.

Being on pinterest doesn't help my obsession with all the cute clothes I find for the girls.  There are lots of sewing tutorials which is nice for a first timer like me.  I don't want to have to send my mom millions of emails asking her to make stuff for the girls.

So here are just some of the totally cute clothes I want to make for the girls.
I might have my mom make them
and I'll work on the easier stuff to get started!



I mean really how cute are all these outfits and how cute would they be on my girls?!
I've just emailed all of these to my mom....LOL

How cute would this shirt be for myself!
and this ruffle lamp shade would be adorable in the girls room!

Step 1: Find a sewing machine.
In the future I would like to get a sewing machine that I can do monogramming on.
But I know that I wont be able to do that for awhile.

* * * * * * * *

Here's a little camera dump of pictures I've taken this week.
This week has gone by so fast it seems
Hubby has the day off tomorrow, so 3 day weekend
We are taking the girls to a cute little toy store in Livermore to pick out a fun toy
Kaylee's little tea set that Jason's mom got her is from this store
From looking at their website they have some really fun toys
and their old school toys.





  1. your girl's pictures are precious! I sew and I just have the cheapo Brother version that I got at Wal-mart. Brother is a good brand, but I just got the basic, I think model LX3125 and it does what I need it too. I think it was $80. Brother does make a sewing/embroidery machine in one, the SE400, but it only embroiders up to a 4 x 4. Looking forward to seeing your creations!

  2. Adorable photos of the girls... They are too sweet! And I'm so jealous that you are learning to sew, AND that your mom already knows how to sew!! LOVE all of the outfits too!

  3. This is my sewing machine:

    I love it. I had never used one before in my life and I was up and sewing in 15 minutes. Very user friendly and more stitches then you will ever use in your life, but still a good price.

    I'd love to have an embroidery machine too sometime. But I always get torn because part of me thinks that is the "lazy man's" way out and I feel more pride in doing my designs free hand lol. We'll see. I'll probably cave some day :-P

  4. Oh I'm so excited you're going to start to sew. I'd love to start too. I think I'll wait awhile and see how it goes for you. So hopefully you post some advice when you become a pro :)

    Adorable pictures!

  5. o my gosh,!!!!
    I have a basic singer and it gets the job done, I think I got it at Walmart for like $150. Amy Butlet has really cute patterns for little girls too!