Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Help me out and pay it forward

Do you see this gorgeous little girl

Her name is Nella and she is about to turn 2 in 2 weeks
She was born with Down Syndrome
Many of you have probably seen this sweet face before but for those of you who haven't her mom Kelly blogs over at Enjoying the small things.  She is one of my favorite reads.

She is so sweet and is so inspirational.
She's trying to raise $200,000 for a great cause

I know all about Down Syndrome cause most of you know my little brother was born with down syndrom also.  He is full of life, lots of energy, loves Spongebob, loves to give everyone hugs and is just the sweetest little boy you'll ever met.  I love him more than anything.

So I'm asking for your help
Lets help these kids & adults because they deserve the world
You can donate or just help spread the word



  1. yayyy! Love it and your brother is sooo cute! :)

  2. LOVE Nella & Kelle's blog! (I actually a sponsor on there!). I will definitely be donating to this wonderful cause! Thank you for sharing it on your blog!

    And what a handsome brother you have! :)

  3. She is definitely my favorite read:) I have been reading her blog since Miss Nella was born!

  4. Awe! Your brother seems like such a sweetie! & I'll definitely have to go check out her blog.