Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Kaylee's school fashion: week 5

It's crazy to think we are already 5 weeks into school.
Kaylee is doing great in school and has already moved onto a new color in her sounds.
She received her second birthday invite from a school friend and she is so excited! She's excited because it's from one of her BEST FRIENDS.

This school has started off a little rough with the sickness.  Kaylee has been sick a lot this year, a lot more than last year.  Hopefully the rest of the year we can go without lots of sick days.

Monday Day 20, I wasn't able to get a picture of Kaylee cause I woke up to the worst stomach pain (to only find out I have an infection in my colon area).  So luckily Jason's mom was already coming over that day to take Kaylee to school and she took Keira with her too.  And since I was in to much pain I didn't take a picture.  It was cold that morning and she wore jeans with her pink Chico State sweatshirt.

Tuesday Day 21
Navy polka dot cardigan - Target
White tank top - Target
Grey skinny jeans - Target

Wednesday Day 22
Kaylee was sick with the stomach flu
Thursday Day 23
Kaylee was sick again
Friday Day 24
Kaylee returned back to school and was feeling better
Stripped Shirt - Carter's
Jeggings - Carter's


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  1. Love the polkadot cardigan! Hope you both have a much healthier week now!