Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Big changes are upon us...

There are big changes on the horizon for our family.
Big changes for any family can be scary and I am a little nervous about this big change.
You may remember back in April when I posted about Jason going to Texas for training.
Jason was gone for 5 weeks and then came back home and we resumed our life in CA.
With the Texas thing, the timing just wasn't really right for our family. 
So Jason came back and our family was back together.
We went back to our normal routine but working in Texas was always in the back of Jason's mind.
6 months passed and Jason received a phone call that he wasn't expecting to get at all.
He got the call saying that a Directional Drilling job he really wanted, had an opening and if he wanted the job it was his!

This was music to his ears.  This was what he wanted when he went to Texas the first time.  He is beyond happy, nervous and excited for this opportunity.  The best part is he'll be doing something that he really likes.

On Tuesday October 8th, Jason accepted the job and he will be starting his new job November 4th.  The girls and I will be staying back in CA.  He'll get his first big break the beginning of December, so in that time we will celebrate our family Christmas early and just spend time together.  We will also get family pictures done.  This change isn't going to be easy.  The girls are getting bigger and they don't like when daddy isn't around.  In the drilling industry they don't have a set schedule, he could be gone for 10 days before he gets 2 - 3 days off, which in those 2 - 3 days he may or may not come home.  So there could be times we don't see him for a whole month or more. 

I just hope I'm able to keep things under control here.  Being a "single" parent isn't easy and doing it alone again scares the crap out of me.  I hate not having back up in the discipline department and then I feel like I'm the bad guy all the time and daddy's awesome!  I just hope I'm able to keep my cool and not to stress out to much while he's gone.

So this time I can for sure say....
Again I am nervous about moving out of state and not knowing anyone there.  Our good friends from High School live in Texas but they will be 3 hours away.  So I will be going to Texas friendless.  I will be meeting some new girls with kids but meeting new people is a little nerve racking!  I am a shy person and it takes me a little bit to warm up to people.  I am excited for the move and this new opportunity for our family.  So again fellow Texans I will be in need of some friends.  We are going to be living in Bandera, TX near Jason's friend.  We chose to live there so that when our husbands are gone us girls will be close by.

The week of the 21st he'll finish is little bit of work here and there...on the 25th we'll be taking our engagement pictures and having one last date night with friends, the 26th we'll be carving pumpkins with friends and just getting things together for the birthday party, we'll attend my aunts Halloween party that night and then the 27th we'll be celebrating our baby girl.  We are having her party on her actual birthday and on the 28th & 29th we'll just be spending time as a family before daddy has to leave. 

Having a time line to kinda go off of for when daddy will be home is nice to know.  I plan to make a cute countdown for the girls.  The question of "when will the girls and I move there"?  we will move sometime between February and May, it kinda just depends on Jason's schedule and when he'll have a longer break. 

So here's to a crazy new adventure for our family!


  1. wow! congrats on the new awesome adventure!! :) scary but Im sure it will be awesome and so worth it, since this is what Jason has been wanting. cant wait to hear about how you like Texas and living in the south ;)

  2. Wow, that is some big changes:) Trust me, you will be fine! We just moved this summer (for the fifth time in eight years) and I find it a lot easier with kids. You stay so busy managing your kids that you barely have time to think, but when you can you will meet people through schools, parks, etc. That's very exciting---if you need any advice just message me!


  3. Congratulations to Jason!!! How exciting! We love TX, and I know you will too! Too bad you will be a good 6 hours from me.

  4. congrats guys! and you know there is a huge blogging community in Texas I've come to realize. I'm sure you'll make tons of friends!

  5. That is so exciting, but scary, too! You will do great with the girls, but I'm sure it will be hard on all of you to adjust. I can't wait to see your engagement pictures!

  6. Congrats & best of luck! Change can be scary but so exciting, too! :)

  7. Yay! Super exciting that he got a job he really wanted, but I would be really nervous too! Hopefully you can distract yourself with wedding planning and house decorating planning for when you move! :-)

  8. How exciting!!! Good luck to you. I'm positive that you will meet some new friends!!!

  9. Such big news! So excited for your family. Change can be hard but oh so much fun! :) Enjoy it!

  10. Awesome news for Jason! Change can be scary but so exciting!! I know you will love it and embrace it!!

  11. Exciting times! As a family who moves often, know that as scary as it is, it is always worth it!

  12. Exciting news!! Congrats to you guys!! =)

  13. I can imagine how scary it must be but so exciting at the same time!

  14. Heey! If you need someone to chat with thats in the same situation let me know! My husband does solids control for the oil fields. His region is North Dakota though. He works 20 on and 10 off. It was a hard hard adjustment but thank God for skype and facetime! Todays technology makes it so much easier. Anyways I am not moving to North Dakota because when hes gone the 20 days I wouldnt get to see him even living there so we chose to stay here closer to friends and family. The nicest part is that when hes home hes HOME. He has no committments and no work so its super nice! I know change is scary but it always leads to something great! But please yes remember I am here to chat with! Very excited for you all and congrats to Jason!

  15. oh I see Bandera, what major cities will you be by? Every few months my husband has training in Texas for 3 weeks outside of Arlington and we go stay with him:)

  16. Oh, you'll be close to San Antonio which is an AWESOME city! So many great things to do there. I know it will be a huge adjustment for you guys, but you will get through it and soon it will be what's normal.