Tuesday, October 15, 2013

The girls fall fashion inspiration

Fall is upon us here in CA and the weather is starting to cool down, finally.
In the mornings the air is crisp and it warms up a little bit throughout the day.
I love fall and all the warm clothes that come with it...long sleeves, boots, chunky sweaters & scarfs.
The girls are starting to have a sense of what they like and what they don't like.
I love that I am still able to chose there clothes without a huge fight.
Kaylee is starting to express whether she likes a piece of clothing or not.
This fall and in general Kaylee is very into skinny jeans, she'll still wear leggings but doesn't like them very much.  She loves to wear dresses and skirts.  I'm very much into stripes right now.  Kaylee is into flats and boots and she loves wearing scarves. I went searching for some cute pieces for each of the girls and Old Navy has some really cute clothes right now.
With Keira, she could care less what she wears.  I'm still able to pick her clothes each day and she doesn't put up a fight what so ever.  Again I'm into stripes and I love the stripes with the elbow pads.  I'm loving skinny jeans on my girls and I love a good colored skinny jean. 
For Kendall I want something she'll be able to move around in, something for easy mobility.  She'll be walking soon, so she needs clothes that wont hold her back from that.  Again skinny jeans are in the mix and I love these floral skinnies.  More stripes and polka dots.  At almost a year old Kendall has yet to wear jeans, she's only worn leggings or jeggings. 


  1. i love old navy!!! the prices are perfect and such cute stuff

  2. Cute! I saw that bright blue horse shirt for Raya and almost bought it. I also considered the blue and white heart dress for Brielle :-) I saw that last gray polkadot dress in store the other day and it's really cute...nice and thick like a sweatshirt!