Monday, October 7, 2013

Kaylee's school fashion: week 6

Monday Day 27
Monday's grandma takes Kaylee to school and she got to our house early and I forgot to take a picture of Kaylee before she left.  She woke a pair of jean shorts, a plain colored shirt & penguin socks (she dressed herself & I made her change her socks before leaving).

Tuesday Day 28
Navy & Purple stripped shirt - Target
Grey skinny jeans - Target
Black shoes - WalMart

Wednesday Day 29
Dress - made by mimi
Black shirt - WalMart
Black leggings - WalMart
Boots - WalMart (2 years ago)

Thursday Day 30 
Purple ruffle shirt - WalMart
Heart skinny jeans - Target
Black shoes - WalMart

Friday Day 31
Blue ruffle shirt - Target
High low skirt - made by MIMI (my mom)
Sparkle shoes - WalMart


  1. I'm jealous of all the jeans she'll wear! Raya had a couple weeks recently were she was convinced she had a wedgie for 99% of the day and would not stop picking her butt lol. Luckily it was warm out so we just did dresses, but now with the cool weather I've convinced her to do leggings again. Fingers crossed we can work our way up to jeans...we were getting so close before! haha ;-)