Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Jess Wedding: How I asked my bridal party

 As soon as I got engaged I started thinking about a totally cute way to ask my bridal party to be a part of the wedding. I searched pinterest and etsy for ideas. 
After searching and searching and trying to make my own cute cards, which all 4 didn't turn out how I imagined them.  I gave up.  So I went back to searching on etsy, I came across April Heather Art and I loved her hand painted cards.  I purchased the PDF file so that I could print them out at home.  I printed out the cards according to the hair color of my girls.  Inside each card, there was a poem I loved and a special note for each of the girls.  I have 6 girls in my bridal party and Jason has 6 guys.  The people in our wedding party are our closest friends and family members.

Matron of Honor: STEPHANIE
I have been friends with Stephanie since our freshman year in high school.   We lived around the corner from each other when we both lived in Las Vegas.  And we'll be reunited again when we move to Texas (3 hours away but still in the same state).   She's been a great friend!
Bridesmaid: CEIN
I have been friends with Cein since our freshman year in high school too.  Cein has been a great friend. Even though she lives 45 minutes away and we don't see each other as often as we would like, when we get back together it was like we were never apart.
Bridesmaid: JEN
I've only known Jen for about 2 years but she is amazing.
She's sweet. funny and a great friend
Bridesmaid: NICOLE
I've know Nicole since we were in kindergarten and its crazy that we have kept in touch and have remained friends for all these years.  She is amazing.  We don't see each other as often as we would like but I couldn't imagine getting married and not having one of my oldest friends celebrating with me!
Bridesmaid: ALYSSA
Alyssa is my SIL and I was in her wedding.  I love that I can finally say I have a sister.  I was blessed with 3 brothers so its nice to have a sister.  She is the sweetest.
Bridesmaid: BRITTNEY
Brittney is my younger cousin and I love her to death. She is also like my little sister, we grew up together and she is the sweetest too.


  1. Those cards are so cute. I love that idea!!

  2. these are so cute! and moving to TX again?

  3. Very cute!

    And yeah, the TX move is back on?

  4. Love the cards! And I am wondering the same thing... Texas again?! Deets please :)

  5. These cards are super cute! You are just so creative! Oh, and like everyone else, I am going to ask, you guys are going to move then??

    1. Thank you.
      Yes we are going to moving to TX. Jason got offered a job that he couldn't pass up. He'll be heading to TX to start work on Oct 30th and the girls and I will be moving there sometime between Feb - May

  6. Very sweet! It looks like you are moving??

  7. Super cute idea! I love how you can personalize to each girl. Sounds like you made great choices:)

  8. So much fun!! Love the idea! Let me know if you are still interested in invites. :)