Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Picture Day at school

Last Wednesday was picture day at school but that morning Kaylee got a stomach bug and was getting sick.  So she stayed home from school and she rested!

So today is picture make up day at school.  Last year Kaylee took a really cute school picture and I'm really hoping that she takes another really cute picture.  When the paper came home to pick what picture package you wanted, we always choose the smallest package just in case they don't come back the cutest.  She's been practicing her smile.  I just hope at the last minute she doesn't throw in her sassy face!

So in honor of picture day we did a little photoshoot before school.
Cant wait to see her picture in a couple weeks!



  1. LIdia had preschool day yesterday... I was able to watch and she looked like a little model! Siblings were invited to take pictures too so Carly joined in... I'm hoping they turn out well also!

  2. Ahhh, she is so stinkin' cute! I love her dress! Today was picture day for Asher too, so we'll see how he does - you never know with my guy. :-)

  3. Cute! Raya got her picture back was actually pretty decent! I need to post in on the blog soon

  4. Love her dress! If her smiles were anything like these for pictures, they will turn out great!

  5. I love her dress! Did you buy it somewhere or have it made?

  6. Her dress is adorable? Did you make it??