Monday, June 6, 2016

Capitola Beach Trip - Day 1

June is a month that my whole little family looks forward to each year.  June means that were headed to the beach for a week of relaxation and lots of family time.  A time to make fun memories, build lots of sand castles, eat more ice cream than we should, soak up all the giggles and maybe even getting up early (yeah right who am I kidding!  No one wants to wake up early on vacay, right?)

We headed up to the beach on June 4th around 3:30 in the afternoon, the trip takes up about 2 hours.  The trip didn't start off as I wanted.  I ate something that didn't agree with my tummy the night before so all day Saturday I was feeling bad, we left for the beach any ways and by the time we made it to the beach house I felt like crap, my stomach was still hurting and I had body aches all over.  I took some pepto and allieve and by Sunday morning I was feeling so much better.  Good thing cause I didn't want to miss out on any fun.

The girls were all up at different times...Keira was up at 5am (why?!), Kaylee got up at 6:30, mommy & daddy got up at 7:00 and Kendall was up by 7:30.  The big girls sleep upstairs with grandma and grandpa so my poor in laws were awoken early, at least they get up early anyways.  We woke up and hung out, watched the new Star Wars movie before eating breakfast.  After eating the girls went for a walk with grandma while daddy & I ran to the mall to get daddy shoes since he forgot his at home.  When we got home we all loaded up into the car and headed to the beach, the beach where daddy asked mommy to marry him 4 years ago!  The weather was perfect and the girls had a great time playing in the water, chasing daddy and playing in the sand.  It was a good first day!


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