Monday, November 10, 2014

Kendall is 24 months

Kendall Morgan,

On October 27th, you turned 24 months old and mommy still cant believe it.  Your second year just flew by, even faster than the first.

You are so smart, such a funny little girl and you totally adore your sisters.  You ask for Kaylee multiple times a day after we drop her off at school and I think it's the cutest thing.  You and Keira play dolls and watching you guys interact together is the best, your bond grows every day for each other and I hope that that never changes.  I hope that you and your sisters always have a close relationship and that nothing stands in the way of that.  You amaze me everyday with all the new things that your learning.

SLEEPING:  You are a great sleeper, you've been in your big girl bed since Aug of this year and you transitioned amazingly.  I was totally worried that you would get out of bed multiple times and it was become a choir having to put you back to bed multiple times but much to mommy's surprise you did amazing.  When I say it's nap or bedtime you gather your binks, lovey and baby and head to your bed.  I give you a kiss goodnight and you go right to sleep within 5-10 minutes.  You take one 2 hour nap and go to bed at 8pm.  Day lights savings time has really messed you up on when it's time to get up.  Before DST you would walk up 7-7:30 and now you are up at 6am and man that's too early for mommy.

EATING:  Girl you can pack away the food, I'm not sure where you put it all but you can eat.  We laugh because you can sometimes eat more than mommy, depending on what were having.  You aren't really picky and you'll at least try something once.  Your favorite foods are...HOT DOGS, APPLESAUCE packs, STRING CHEESE, CARROTS, BANANAS, PIZZA & CHEESE ITS.  You love to drink water with a little squirt of mio in it, thanks to daddy and you also like apple juice.

 PERSONALITY:  You are really starting to show your little (big) personality. You have a larger than life smile and just light up any room that you enter, you have a temper when you don't get your way or when someone has something you want, you don't like to share, you talk up a storm and are saying more words and sentences each day & I love that when your in the right mood you'll still snuggle with me.

  • playing outside and digging in the dirt
  • Bubble Guppies is her favorite cartoon
  • taking pictures and being in front of the camera
  • to color and sit at the tables like a big girl with her sisters
  • she loves to build "castles" with her Lego Duplos
  • likes to play with other little kids

  • having to go to her room when she gets in trouble
  • having to stop what she's doing to use the potty
  • having to share toys with her sisters or anyone else!

Weight: 23lbs (25%)
Height: 33" (25%)
Clothes: 18-24 months
Shoes: size 5
Hair: medium brown with a slight curl at the ends
Eyes: dark blue
  • you can count 10 (which shocked me cause we had only been working on counting to 5)
  • you are talking in full sentences and it's so cute to hear
  • you are able to do puzzles
  • you can climb into the truck by yourself
  • you can put on and take off your shoes & pants
  • you are almost potty trained but that might get screwed up when we travel to CA
  • you know where all your body parts on
  • you know a lot of animal noises
  • you went trick or treating in our new community
  • you went on your first hay ride
  • you've mastered going up and down the stairs without sitting on your butt

  • The way you say "pretty please" when you really want something
  • When you say "love love mama" each night before you go to bed
  • The way you light up each time daddy comes home from work
  • The way you talk to your babies, the same way mommy & daddy talk to you
  • How you still wont sit down and watch a movie!
  • How impatient you are when you want a drink, when mommy says hang on you turn into baby godzilla and flip out
  • The way you strike a pose after getting dressed
  • How sweet you are, when you come up and ask for a hug (you give great hugs)
  • Your love for animals but you hate bugs!
  • You can recognize your grandparents by the sound of there voice
  • Your attempt to do everything that your sisters do (and even if you don't do it you are so proud of yourself for trying)
  • You are obsessed with SHOES
  • The way you have the signature "jess sister" sassy pose down
I could go on and on about how awesome you are, how sweet you are, how your my best friend, how you can make a room light up with your smile & how much joy you've brought our family.
We love you to the moon & back sweet girl


  1. I am obsessed with her! And so very jealous that she loves to pose and smile for the camera! She is a beauty, as are all your girls!! :)

  2. She is such a cutie, all your girls are.