Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Shop Feature: Austenland Girl {lots of pics}

I always think it's such an honor when I shop reaches out and asks me to photograph pieces for them.  I found Austenland Girl on instagram and I ordered headbands from her for my wedding.  Her headbands are beautiful, they are big, over the top and full of detail.  I love how she mixes it up with simple one color or mixing fabrics, fish nets and pearls.  Seriously these are the prettiest headbands I've ever seen.  They are great for weddings, birthday, newborn, holiday or family photo shoots.

So when Paulina contacted me asking if I would photograph some of her headbands with some dresses, I totally jumped on the chance  I was totally honored that she asked.  Seeing her headbands on instagram they are beautiful but when the box showed up in the mail and I pulled them out, they are even more beautiful in person.

I love how all of these photos turned out, they may be some of my favorites!
Time to print some out and hang them up around the house.
Thank you again so much to Paulina for this fun opportunity. Seriously check her out and make sure your following her on instagram



  1. Love these pictures, and the headbands are beautiful!

  2. Oh my gosh, these are gorgeous!