Wednesday, December 7, 2011

My interview with my 2 year old

To shake things up a bit
I thought I'd do a little interview with my 2 in a half year old

Here are some phrases that she's said recently that's made me LAUGH OUT LOUD!

* I'll call her if I cant see her in the other room and she comes running in and says "what mom, what do you want from me"

* Talking about her Buzz Lightyear "no mom his name not buzz he is a space rrrranger"

* she lined her books on the coffee table and then said "books I be right back, I'm gonna run supa fast and then come get you"

If I could have a video camera on the girls all day just to see the funny things they do daily I totally would.  I would love to look back on them when I'm having a stressful day cause I know watching them will make my day so much better.  I do love the fact that I've written everything down that they do.  All their monthly posts I keep a section in my phone with each of their names and how old they are and then write down all the neat and exciting things that they do.  Not only do I blog about them but I also have a scrapbook for each of them.  I'm TOTALLY behind on my scrapbooking.  I've done Kaylee's scrapbook till 8 months and I haven't even started Keira's.  I love scrapbook but it just takes a lot of time cutting and figuring out how you want your page to look.  When the girls take their naps is when I do my cleaning up and taking a shower so I don't have time to get all my scrapbook stuff out.  So I'll catch up one day!  LOL


  1. haha...the "what do you want from me" is too funny!

    I gave up on scrapbooking...i was so behind too! I love doing it from an artistic standpoint, but scrapbooks take up so much space and were getting annoying for me to store LOL. Maybe I"ll get back into it some day!


  2. So precious and what a cute idea to do a little interview!!

    I love hearing funny kids quotes and look forward to when Park starts saying funny stuff!

  3. This is an adorable idea!! It will be fun to see how her answers change with time!!! I love the funny things kids say! She is so cute!

  4. I 'interviewed' Kaylee a while back. I need to make something like this. SO cute! :) I write down everything my girls say & do too. I know one day it will be such a great thing to look back on. :)