Thursday, December 22, 2011

Being a baby isn't always fun

At 2:45am I hear what ever parents hates to hear, blood curddling screaming coming from their kids room.  It scared the crap out of me and I don't think I've ever jumped out of bed that fast and ran to the girls room.  Keira has been teething this past week or so and she has been having a rough time.  She has 2 more teeth on top coming in at the same time.  One has broke through the gum and the other is so close.  After running into their room I swopped her up and took her into our room so that she didn't wake up Kaylee.  Instead she woke up daddy (sorry babe).  I made daddy watch her for a second while I ran downstairs to get the tylenol.  She had a elevated temp so I gave her tylenol and cuddled her and tried to get her to go back to sleep.  She wasn't having any of it.  She cried for about 30 minutes before settling down and finally cuddled next to me.  She finally fell asleep around 3:45 or so, I think cause I fell asleep.  I woke up around 4:15am cause my arm had fallen asleep, cause she was laying on it.  I put her back in her bed and she slept in till 9am.

I feel so bad for her and I hate seeing her in so much pain and discomfort.  That was the first night that she's woken up screaming like that.  Usually she will whine throughout the day and want to be held.  She'll play and be happy for a little bit before turning into a crab.  Why cant their teeth all come in at one time and make their and mommys life a little easier.  She only has 4 teeth right now so she has a lot more teeth to come in.  With these 2 new teeth coming in that will be a total of 6.  I think 2 more on the bottom might be working their way out too cause her bottom gums are swollen.

Hopefully the teething will be over soon and I have my non crying happy baby back.  She is usually so happy and always smiling but with these teeth coming in she's been an unhappy cranky baby.


check out those curls on my baby girl!!

* * * * * * *

Kaylee has been doing so good without her binky.  She has asked for her and said that she's missed it, but we've had no screaming or crying for it.  I thought for sure that we would have a huge scream fest and thinking of all the bad things that could go wrong when you take away the pacifier they've had forever.  But much to my surprise she did awesome and has been doing awesome.

This kid makes me laugh so much on a daily basis.  She takes her buzz figure and flies him around and say's "he's the best toy ever" and runs around as if Buzz is flying!  Its so much fun watching her little imagination come out.  I cant wait to see what she does when she opens Uncle Josh's Christmas gift.  He got her the Big Buzz that's she been asking for.  His gift is totally going to trump all of our gifts.  So we're going to have her open that gift last....LOL

* * * * * * * *

Can you belive it 2 more days till Christmas Eve.....the girls are EXCITED!  Ok maybe us adults are a little lot more excited than the girls.  LOL

I hope everyone has an awesome holiday weekend!
We will be busy tomorrow prepairing for our weekend.
Saturday morning we are going to Jason's moms for breakfast and presents
Then we're making dinner and my dad & step mom are coming to our house.

Sunday we have 2 stops to make, so we have a busy weekend ahead of us!


  1. Poor Keira! Raya never had trouble with teething and so far (fingers crossed) it hasn't bothered Brielle either.

    Merry Christmas!


  2. Oh my..bless her little heart. And yours! When EC was having bad gas pains she would wake up SCREAMING and it would always terrify me!!!

    I don't know if you've tried this but when I was teething my mom would soak a little rag in apple juice and then freeze it. She would then hold it while I chewed on it. I loved the sweet taste and the frozen rag would numb my gums and reduce swelling! Thought it might help! :-)

    Hope she starts feeling better soon!

  3. I'm feeling your pain in the teething world these days! Meyer is on to molar number 3 and is NOT a happy camper. Poor Keira:( Hopefully this stage goes by quickly so you both can relax! The girls are looking as sweet as ever.

  4. Poor baby! I wish I could take her pain away!

    but yay for Kaylee!! that's awesome.

    Seriously I always love the pics of your girls... they are gorgeous!

    Merry Christmas to all of you!!!

  5. Poor Keira. We are right there with you. Parks just got 4 more and I felt so bad for him. Hope they are in soon and your sweet girl feels better!!

    So proud of Kaylee!!!

  6. Aww, poor girl! Hopefully they will be all the way through soon! Such a beautiful picture of Kaylee!

  7. poor girl! i hate that for all 4 of you! but, her teeth sure are pretty!! :)

  8. Your girls eyes are amazing. Yay or the easy binkie removal!

  9. Poor thing! She is just PRECIOUS though. Her eyes & curls? Melt my heart. Both of your girls are just precious. Merry Christmas to your sweet family!! :)