Thursday, December 1, 2011

Keira's took her 1st steps

For the past few days Keira has been taking "half" steps.
She would only step with one foot and then sit down & crawl.

Well last night before and during dinner she was being a total crab so I wasn't expecting her to take any steps.  I got her down from the table gave her some water and then changed her into her pajamas.  Daddy & Kaylee were feeding the dogs and Keira stood up and was throwing her hands in the air saying "woooooo" and then all of a sudden she took 2 steps to the table.  I waited for her to touch the table before I screamed with excitment!  Jason came rushing in and my brother came out to cheer with me, which she loved.  Well after that I had the camera ready in case she did it again.

I cant believe my baby has taken her 1st steps
1 day after her 1st birthday.

I am such a proud mama
Yesterday the highlight of my day was seeing my baby take her first steps.
She gets 3 steps in before falling, so we'll see how today goes and if we get more steps.
I will have my camera with me all day today

* * * *

I am also attempting to take more Christmas pictures of the girls for our Christmas cards.
Wish me luck!

* * * *

Yesterday Kaylee & I worked on 2 different Christmas crafts which you will be able to see tomorrow.  It will be Christmas post, filled with our crafts we've been working on & all our Christmas decorations.  We'll be working on more Christmas crafts today, I have some walls I need to fill up that are bare.  When you walk into my house your going to be bombarded with Christmas crafts from the kids and everything Christmas.  Christmas is my favorite holiday, so I am having tons of fun doing crafts with the girls.