Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Keira 12 months old


I still cant believe that your already 12 months old and your birthday has come and gone.  The day went by to fast but we had a great time together.

You've been up to a lot this month.  You are so close to walking.  When your standing you pick up one foot and move it foward and that's as far as you've made it.  But everytime you do it we clap with excitment!

 books, babies, cell phones & bouncy balls

 puffs, fishies, MacNCheese, peas, carrots, lil crunchies, ritz crackers, cheerios & rice

being pulled in the wagon, monkey walking on the grass, eating, books, playing with Kaylee in the tent & dancing!!

 12-18 months Your mainly in 18 month stuff cause the 12 month stuff tends to be to short cause your so tall.  The 18 month stuff is big in the waist but fits good in the length.

 4 - You have 4 teeth and it looks like you might have 2 more coming in on top
8:30- 8.  You have been sleeping so good.  Since moving you into your room with your sister you seem to be sleeping so much better.  You wake up around 8am, take your one and only nap from 12-3:30 and then go to bed at 8.

 Uh Oh, dada, iss (kiss), oh's this, baby, hi

walking with your push toys, using your sign language (more, milk, eat & night night), standing alone, standing up from sitting position and then dancing!


You are so close to walking and I can tell you want to but don't quite have the confidence yet.  I'm sure it doesn't help that when you stand up your sister runs at you super fast trying to tackle you down!  You've gotten really good at popping right up from the floor, I'm just waiting for you to take those first little steps!

* you celebrated your 1st Halloween this year.  You & sissy went as M&Ms and looked ADORABLE.  You rode around in the wagon and had a great time.  Next year will be so much more fun for you!

* you have been babbling a lot.  It's so cute to hear you "talk".  You have started saying more can now say- MAMA, BABA, ISS(KISS), ISSY(SISSY), BABY, OH'S THIS, HI & WOO WOO.  Daddy's still wondering when your gonna say DADA!

* You are using your sign language which is awesome!  You can now sign NITE NITE, EAT, MORE & MILK.  Teaching you baby sign language has helped in knowing what you want and not having to guess.


* You are a little dancing machine.  I think a career in dancing might be in your future!  I think ballet are in your near future though.  How cute would it be to have you and your sister in ballet together!  I can see all the cuteness now!

* We introduced 2 new things to you this month, the sippy cup which you drink out of and think its the coolest thing ever and whole've been drinking whole milk for about 2 weeks now and love it!  Even though you were on soy formula, you've done fine with switching to whole milk.

* You are getting the cutest curls in the back and mommy LOVES it.

* You started standing up alone from the sitting position and as soon as your up you start dancing.  Lately you've holding a toy and standing think your to cool when you have toys in your hand and stand up.

* When mommy ask's you "where's the baby?" you point to yourself and then you point to the pictures of yourself on the wall, then will say "sissy & baby".  Such a smart girl

* Mommy just put a pillow into your bed and you LOVE it.  When I check on you before I go to bed your still on your pillow and most mornings your still on it too.  Your getting to be such a big girl! (11/17/11)

* You celebrated your 1st last holiday this year.  We celebrated your 1st Thanksgiving 11/24/11.

12 Month Stats
Weight: will update 12-1-11
Height: will update 12-1-11
Diaper Size: 4
Shoe Size: 4
Hair: Light Brown
Eyes: Blue

Your little personality has really been shining through.  You are such a happy girl unless its time to eat, then you get very impatient....kinda like you haven't eatin in like a week impatient!  When you don't get your way or have to get your diaper changed, you've just started  throwing little tantrums.

You love to play peek a boo.  You cover your eyes with your hands and wait for me to say "where's Keira?" before you take your hands off your eyes and say "boo".  It's so cute and you get so excited when we play.  You absolutely LOVE to dance!  You will dance to any type of music, whether it be a commerical, music on the radio, cartoons or one of your toys!

Even though your first year has seem to fly by so fast I have enjoyed every minute of it!
You bring such joy to our lives every day
Thank you for being such a calm and happy baby.
You and your sister are so different and it's been so much fun being able to see your different personalities shine through.

Mommy, Daddy & sissy love you so much!


  1. Cute, cute pictures as always! :-)


  2. So cute! I love the last few pictures of her with her arms out wide.

    Does Keira watch the sign language DVD's or do you just do them with her? I've been trying both with Kyla and no luck yet.

  3. Your blog is super cute! :) I love your header! I became a follower of your blog! :) Erin